Friday Favorites

I can hear the kids making breakfast (I’m a little nervous, but it sounds like it’s going okay) so I’m stealing a few minutes to post my Friday Favorites this week.  I know, weird.

OXO Wipes Dispenser

wipes dispenser

I like organization, that’s not a secret. I like things to look nice and neat and like they are supposed to go wherever they are. I hate wipes. We buy the Costco packs (when we aren’t feeling super snobby and buying mustela) and they end up all over the place. Those little white and blue plastic wipe bags. I know, not a big deal, but it drives me nuts. I found this dispenser at TJ Maxx and we kinda love it. You can put any wipes in it and there is a weighted top with a hole for the wipes to be pulled out of. The top of it closes and locks so there’s little chance of it being left open and the first 3 wipes to be dried out.

Tiny Milk Jug


How cute is it? Bellamy got one for Charlotte and I love it. I can’t wait for her to be able to actually use it correctly so I don’t have to pour her own beverages for her….

…I kid. I don’t mind taking care of my children. But I am excited for her to learn how to pour (this is a serious statement). Pouring is a life skill, my friends.

H&M Skinny Jeans

hm maternity jeans

Yes, the maternity kind. Because after you have a baby (your 5th one, especially) there is this little pooch of skin and fat that is hard to make flat. And it’s hard to look okay in skinny jeans. Unless they are maternity. I’m lucky in that I didn’t gain hardly any weight with Olive, so my legs didn’t get fat. That’s weird to say, but it’s true. Anyway, while they aren’t the thinnest or fittest legs, they aren’t huge, and I can fit into skinny jeans without looking too horrible. But only if they’re maternity. Okay, I’ll stop now before I sound any more looney and in denial…

Sugar Hill Boutique Fox Sweater

fox sweater

Tara purchased this for me and since I have a thing for foxes (please read my note at the end of this post) it’s pretty much my favorite.

BlaBla Cow


My sweet friend Teresa got me a gift card when I had Olive and we used it to buy her a BlaBla doll. We LOVE BlaBla — and now each of the kids have their very own.

Beasts of the Southern Wild


Ooooh, man. This is a good one. This is a very touching (yep, I said touching) story about a little girl and her life in “the bathtub”, a small community in the south. I shed a few tears.

Afterglow App


This is an app for my phone that I’ve started using to edit my photos before putting them into Instaframe or Instagram.

*****FOX NOTE********

Okay. So you know how you really like something and then someone else likes it too and it totally looks like you are copying them? I hate that. And, for the record, I don’t mind one little bit admitting when I am copying a great idea. But I’d like for it to be known to all followers of both myself and Kelle Hampton that I am not just jumping on her fox-loving bandwagon.

Afterglow and my new essential oils obsession? yes. I totally copied her on both of those and I’m glad I did because I love ’em. But not the fox thing. I just want people to know. Because there is nothing worse than being a copy cat and not admitting it.

Just like how I didn’t name Olive, Olive, because I heard Drew Barrymore named her baby that. Totally not. (clearly, that’s also been bothering me).

*and also for the record, I adore Kelle Hampton’s blog and she has way more style than I will ever have in my lifetime, so it’d probably be a good idea for me to copy every single one of her ideas and loves….*

This disclaimer is mostly for my friend Lava Girl, who I’m sure is calling my BS on all of this. Whatever, Lava Girl.


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