Day 1


We did it. We survived an entire day on our own, with our normal routine, without help from Daddy. The kids got to school on time (Maria may have been a few minutes late, but that was because I forgot about an 8:15am vet appointment for Lulu) and we even managed to relax and just hang out a little bit. I’m a little surprised it went so well.

First let me start with this:


That is a yogurt maker. Cheri got me a Williams-Sonoma gift card for Christmas and with it I purchased the yogurt maker. I sound like I’m so granola and hippy, but the fact is that I just heated up milk and then sprinkled in some yogurt starter…then pressed a button.

And it turned out like this 10 hours later:



I mean, sure, it’s just plain yogurt with absolutely no flavoring whatsoever. It just needs a splash of jam or honey. And yeah, maybe Dan had to transfer the jars to the fridge at 4:00am, but it’s not like he wasn’t up already. It’s homemade yogurt, people! I feel like a homesteader already. Minus the family cow.

So we started our day a little late — when Dan left for work before 7:00, I was up feeding Olive, so I asked him to switch off my alarm (which was set to go off at 7). I mean, duh, I fell asleep mid-feed. I woke up at 7:35. Yikes. I didn’t have time to shower before taking Maria to school, Charlotte to Dawn’s, and Lulu to Rustebakke’s Vet Clinic. I knew I looked smashing when Maria told me that she saw a commercial on tv and that I should take a picture of myself really quick so it can be my “before” picture…and then when I use the special cream, all those ‘bumps’ will go away and I’ll have an “after” picture. Yeah, I didn’t have time for makeup. Whatev.

So we got the girls off to school and Alice, Jamie, Olive and I came home. Olive was fast asleep, so I took a shower. I got out of the shower, made myself presentable (even though I still put on sweats, I did put on makeup.  “After-Picture” ready.) and walked down to Jamie’s room to see this:


*sigh* my heart was happy. These 2 play together so well. They all do, really, and it makes me so happy I can’t even tell you.

They found Jamie’s Star Wars paper airplane book and thought we should try it out.


We did.



[I highly recommend this book for any little boys who love Star Wars]

Then Alice found some farm animal finger tattoos. We also had to try those.


Her fingers are tiny. The tattoos didn’t work as well on her fingers as they did on mine.




Flipping people off isn’t as effective when the flip off finger is an adorable lamb.


To me, that says, “I think you’re great, so I’m going to show you this sweet little lamb. Can we be friends?” When I usually want to say, “You suck.” Not that I EVER flip anyone off, EVER. Like…..EVER. Only in my head. Usually.

After farm animals, we had to make lunches. I just want to show off our new lunch bags I got from The Mini Social.


Alice got the owl and Maria got the kitty cat. They’re the perfect size.


We took the kids to school, and then Olive and I just had some time.






She’s still so tiny. She is so sweet and tiny and makes the cutest kitten sounds (which is how I came to call my kids kittens). She still hasn’t lost her umbilical cord, and I secretly like that. It’s proof that she’s still new and tiny and very much a baby. Because just the thought of her being my last baby makes me a little sad. *cue the comments and opinions about me having 5 babies….*

Anyway, back to the main point of the post. We made it. We made it through Day 1. Unscathed. We were even able to throw in a Spot On Yogurt stop after school.

Because we rock.  I just happen to rock it in sweats and a messy bun.


Welcome to the Prasils.


1 thought on “Day 1

  1. megan anderson

    Of course you rock! And of course you are allowed to be sad over having just had your last baby… or is she… as people are always telling me, you never know.


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