Quick Update on Prasil Life

Things have been pretty great around here lately.


She’s made our life busy and chaotic and exhausting and fun and exciting.

We aren’t getting very much sleep, that’s for sure. She likes to sleep during the day.


For 2 weeks, Dan was able to take the kids to school then go to work. This week, we’re going back to our normal routine. And that means not quite so much of this:


So many video games and so much tv for the kids lately. It keeps them happy and occupied so that Danny and I can just relax and unwind for a while. But enough is enough…when Alice starts getting pretty good at Star Wars, it’s time to limit the gaming.

Back to our new normal.


[spoiling the baby with hand-drawn gifts]

[grocery shopping]

[being hilarious]

[tending to the poultry]

And then there is school and dance and meetings for Danny. Doctors appointments and dinners to cook and homework to do. DVR to watch and babies to feed and snacks to prepare. Baths to give and laundry to put away and blogs to post.



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