Friday Favorites

I might be in the hospital, but I’m not a patient…and Olive loves to sleep. That leaves me a lot of down time.

Enjoy today’s Friday Favorites.

Medela Swing Breastpump

swing pump

I’m going to be very honest and perhaps full of tmi for you. When I have babies, my milk comes in. Duh, right? No….my milk comes in. I am a cow. More like an entire dairy plant. My nipples are the size of 2-3 silver dollars and my entire breast? NFL sized footballs. I’m not kidding, it’s freakish and gross. Because of this, my newborns have a hard time latching on because I become SO engorged and my already-huge-nipples get full and even bigger, making it hard for them to get a good latch. This time in the hospital, they gave me this breast pump. It’s not the most expensive, but it does do it’s job. It pumps really quickly and really efficiently.  Enough to pump off a little milk so the kitten gets a good latch.

Plum Paper Designs

plum paper designs

My friend Lindsey suggested on her instagram feed that her friends check out this company for daily planners. I do as I’m told when it’s being told by someone as fashion and cool as Lindsey. You can find PPD on Etsy.

Kicky Pants Bamboo Swaddler


So soft.

Gap Body Maternity Tank


Yes, it’s maternity, but I wear mine when I’m not pregnant. I got one when I was pregnant with Charlotte and loved it. I wore it the rest of that year (summer) and then as a layer under shirts and sweatshirts when it got cooler. It’s thin and soft and is long and has thick straps. I like it.

Nordstrom BP Frenchi Bandeau Bra

frenchi bandeau

I love this seamless bra. It’s so comfy and now, with my giant and ridiculous milk bags, it’s really comfortable. Definitely not much support, but you don’t need support when you’re sleeping. Or when you’ve just birthed a child (because no one cares).

doTERRA Lotus Diffuser


I like this too.


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