(that means ‘friends’ in Spanish…..I mean, I totally minored in Spanish, so I know these things….)


Here’s a shoutout for all my friends.

Thank you to the one who comes to visit down the hall during any 3 minute-40 minute break she might have.  The one who changes out of scrubs and into her civilian clothes (that’s what I call non-scrubs) and probably just wants to go home and watch Dr. Phil but instead comes to our room for another 1 hour visit.  The one who buys things constantly for all my kids, not just the newest and tiniest ones.


Thanks to the ones who came right after Olive was born.  Like…right after.  Who may have paid a babysitter to take her 20 month old so she could be with us.  And the one who skipped class to see us.  And the one who left work early.  And to each of them for coming multiple times, not empty handed.  They’ve brought me magazines, nail polish, Reese’s PB cup blizzards with extra PB cups, non fat white mochas, itty bitty swimsuits (for Olive, not me), tiny little bloomers and socks and hilarious stories that make me laugh.

Thanks to the one who called in and special ordered my most favorite dessert in the universe.  Who planned ahead, ordered it, then picked it up the next day (because I totally would have forgotten) and hand delivered it at 8:30 at night.  Best treat ever.

Thanks to the one who brought me goodies from Hawaii, who came to visit before picking up kids from school, and then when Danny needed pizza delivered (apparently asap), she called it in and had it delivered.  Awesome.  And the one who came the night Olive was born with decaf coffee in hand, exactly how I always order it.

Thanks to the one who came in for 3 days straight to visit me before work.  That’s early.  Who brought me magazines to read (Kourtney Kardashian can just suck it, that post baby body is ridic) and coffee to drink.  Who let the kids come many hours over what they usually do and even let Maria come to school today on her day off.

The one who watched my kids for me and picked clothes for them for the next day — AWESOME!

The babysitter (who is our friend, totally…not just the babysitter) who said “no problem” to Charlotte coming extra days.  Lifesaver.


The one who walked (I’m pretty sure she power walked) from her house to the hospital and then stopped to see us.  That hill is a killer.


(1) it’s not easy to park at the hospital for just a quick little drop in.  It sucks.  You have to park, then make your way up here, make sure you’re sanitized and then 1/2 the time, the baby isn’t even in the room!  I know it’s not convenient at all….thank you.

(2) you all have your own lives and families and things to do.  you have either kids or family members who need you at home.  work or school or things to be done at either or both.  you took time away from them and made time for us.  thank you!

(3) you are all thoughtful and considerate, way above and beyond.  And i hope you all know how much I appreciate you — i’m awkward and weird, but behind it, I’m hugging you.  I promise.




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