W[th]WW and an Olive Update

Danny has been on kid duty now for 4 days and has rocked it. I’m serious. Before I brag about him, let me show you his pictures from yesterday.

Alice and Jamie






What a good daddy. He picked out their clothes, made their lunches, got them breakfast, packed up their stuff for school, and had them on their way AT THE CORRECT TIME. Like….they weren’t late. But then what did he do? He forgot it was Wednesday so he went back to take their pictures for W[th]WW.

It’s been a rough few days as far as getting things figured out with Olive and the other kids. Who can take them here? Can someone watch them at this time and that time? When will Olive get released? All that. Danny’s definitely been here as much as he can. He’s held Olive every chance he’s had, has brought me more clothes, and even brought me Tomato Bros last night. But he’s also gone home each night and given baths to 4 kittens. Fed 2 dogs, 1 bunny and a cat. Loaded laundry, cleaned countertops and picked out clothes. I’m pretty sure he’s had 3 kicky and squirmy little friends in bed each night. Oh, and he goes to work during the day. He’s been really busy. But he’s been so great.

And Olive?

She’s doing so good.

[she looks like my cousin Abbey]

Yesterday morning she looked like this:



IV, oxygen saturation, respiration, heart rate….there were tubes and monitors for those stats. But now she’s free.

Well, kinda.

[I caught Dan at a bad time]

She still has the IV attached, but she had everything else removed. She’s in my room with me and doing so great. Last night, she nursed every 3 hours or so and slept so well. Dr. Parkey wants to keep her until Sunday so that she has the full dose of antibiotics. Every sign, labs, X-rays, etc. points to an infection (group b strep) so he’s treating it as such. Thank goodness to have a doctor who is proactive and doesn’t mess around.



So here we are.

We like visitors.


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