Rule of Life # 5,029

…Even if you pack 4 adorable outfits, your newborn baby might just wear nothing but a diaper in the hospital.  And that’s okay.

Olive is here. Oh, she is so beautiful. She has light hair and SUPER fair skin. She looks NOTHING like my other kittens and it’s hilarious.

I came in yesterday to the hospital. I woke up at home at 7:00 and felt like I was having ‘fake’ contractions. The same type I’d had for weeks. They were kind of regular but that wasn’t really anything new. I got the kids ready for school and they started to kind of pick up. I called my mom on the way to take Maria and said, “I don’t want to get you too excited, but I’ve had some pretty regular contractions for the last hour or so….” She was excited, but not expecting anything (because this had happened before, over the course of the last couple weeks). Maria was gone to school and we were home and that’s when they really started hurting. For an hour and 1/2, I:

– Vacuumed the living room
– loaded the dishwasher
– cleaned the countertops
– folded laundry
– packaged granola (that’s really good, btw)
– cleaned my bathroom
– cleaned our room
– vacuumed our room
– was very cranky with the kids, who just laughed at me and imitated my “ow, ow, owwwww”…Charlotte thinks she’s hilarious.  They’re a horrible support team.

By the end of that hour and 1/2, I had had it. I texted Dan and told him he should come home because I needed to go get checked. His reply? “It’ll be a little while, I’m out of town.”

Yup, out of town. So I called my mom and she sent my dad over to watch the kids. Well I had the kids in coats and shoes and loaded in the car ready to go so as soon as he got there, I just told him to drive to the hospital. Oooooh it hurt. It hurt so bad. We passed my mom and told her just to follow us. We got there, I got settled into a room, and at 10:30 I was checked and was at 6cm.


That’s how I looked. In pain. But, I”m not going to lie, I was determined not to get an epidural, so I breathed in and out, deeply and with purpose and it worked. I worked through those contractions and then asked for an IV pain killer as well as laughing gas. I checked in with Dan here and there and he was on his way back, but the roads were very snowy and there was a wreck. He made it with 20 minutes to spare and with 10 minutes of pushing, no screaming (but some moaning), and so much pain I thought I might be dying, she was born.


She was very quiet and full of gunk. She hung out on my chest for a very long time. Ah, she is just perfect.

So, of course, after she was cleaned up and we were moved into the recovery room, we took turns passing her around. Who took turns? Cenone, Sadie, Hailey, Tara, my Mom, my Dad, Danny and me. We have so many friends and people who love us…we’re so unbelievably lucky.

[see? adorable]

I had the absolute best group of nurses working. I’m not even exaggerating. Jen was my labor and delivery nurse. Dr. Berg was there to deliver. Karen was the baby nurse. It was awesome. After a while, Karen took Olive to check her vitals and thought she looked a little pale and just not well. Karen is amazing at her job, let me say that. Not only is she pretty….she’s also pretty smart and knows her stuff! Because she knows her stuff, Olive was taken care of right away.

She needed oxygen, and they also ran some labs. Poor Miss Olive has some type of infection. She’s in NICU and fighting it off. Last night she looked very sad:


There is nothing worse than seeing your newborn baby with so many tiny little tubes! An IV in her itty bitty arm. Monitors on her chest to check her heart rate, oxygen levels and respirations (I think?…I’m not a baby nurse). Dr. Parkey came in and talked to us about what was going on. He thought all signs pointed to an infection (white blood cell count, X-rays, my group b strep, etc) and started her on antibiotics. Her numbers were all abnormal, but this morning, they had really improved. And look who got to come out of the oxygen hood:


I was so happy to get to hold her.



Right now, at 4:30 pm (28 hours after birth), she is still in NICU. Her breathing has slowed down quite a bit, but is still a little too fast. Her oxygen levels aren’t perfect, so Terry (the baby nurse) put her back on a TINY bit of oxygen (not enough to need that hood!) just to keep things good. I’m totally okay with that. She will stay on antibiotics and Dr. Parkey said there’s a chance she will need to be on them for at least a week more. I’m okay with that. She needs to get better. And she will! Dr Parkey was very clear on that. She will get better, it’s just a matter of time.

I’m also okay with her not wearing her adorable Kicky Pants gown or her matching shirt and pants ensemble.

It could be a lot worse.


5 thoughts on “Rule of Life # 5,029

  1. Danielle Bradshaw

    I’m so glad that the delivery went well. Sorry to hear that she is sick. Poor little girl. Thankfully it is something that she will recover from. And I agree. She doesn’t look like the other kids. But she is beautiful non the less. Congratulations! I am so happy for your family!!!! Love you!

  2. Soo Lee

    Congratulations on the newest addition…she’s gorgeous! Glad to hear she’s doing much better. Please let us know if you need anything.


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