Olive is….

…still not here.

If you had told me 3 weeks ago that on January 6th I still would be pregnant, I would have laughed and said, “Oh, no. I’ll have her by then…I have a feeling.”

Well apparently my awesome end of pregnancy, ‘labor is here’ instinct is nonexistent because here I am.


Yep. That’s my real life belly. 39 weeks and 1 day when this photo was taken. I told Dan, “This might be the last pregnancy picture we take!” Psych. That was yesterday. I took one today. The smile is 1/2 fake. I’m miserable! Like any other pregnant woman who is 39+ weeks pregnant, I ache. All over. I’m exhausted. Every time I bend over and stand back up, I have a contraction. I am sick of getting dressed in the morning, mostly because I really just want to wear sweats all day long, but that’s one of my pet peeves: people who only wear sweats and pjs all day long. I feel like I could fall asleep any second, but when I’m asleep for the night, it’s not a good night’s rest. I’m up constantly to pee or push Alice’s little body away from my giant one.

But the end is in sight. It’s almost over. And if one more person says to me, “You still haven’t had that baby yet?!” I am going to ignore them completely. Like…completely. Pretend they aren’t even there.

Back to my regular life though.

On Friday, Jamie had his birthday celebration at school. Oh, it was adorable as always.


He chose Sophia (no surprise at all) to be his helper and they set up the calendar in the middle of the circle. Danny was able to make it and I am so glad! We printed out/brought pictures of Jamie from each year (and sometimes 1/2) of his life. He was seriously one of the prettiest babies ever. I mean, definitely tied 5 ways for the prettiest baby alive.

We told his classmates about his favorite foods, his favorite shows, his favorite toys and fun things he did in each year of his life. At the end of each year, we sang, “The Earth goes around the Sun tra-la-la, the Earth goes around the Sun.”

It was great.


Saturday? Saturday we went to Costco to buy food for when the baby is here. Stuff to make food I mean. And then I went to Haley’s house for a birthday party where I ate a lot of peppers with dip, crackers, cornbread and a spicy olive. I also went to church with my mom at Fr. Sean’s house. Sean is a retired priest who says Mass in his home with a small group and once in a while, I join my mom. I was hoping he’d work some Irish (because he’s Irish) voodoo and somehow induce labor with a Gaelic chant. No go. He just blessed me. But Anita made piggie cookies, so that made up for it.


Apparently in Germany (Anita is from Germany) it’s good luck to eat marzipan piggies in the new year. I ate mine and then took a few that she had packed up for me for the kids.



I already feel lucky.

Now on to today, Sunday. We went to the coop to feed and water the chickens and collect eggs.


So many eggs, it’s so much fun. The kids LOVE finding the eggs in the nesting boxes and it’s hilarious how excited and surprised they get when we come away with more than 1 or 2. Our chickens have just about started laying consistently enough that we are able to give away our eggs to friends and still have PLENTY for us. LOVE our chickens.

Then we went to the skatepark.


A winter skate sesh, nbd.



Then we went to Rosauers to get a few more things we needed and headed home to make cheesy pasta, stuffed manicotti, and meatloaf for when Olive arrives. They are all frozen now, which will make it so easy for Danny to pop them in the oven for dinner once we’re in the very middle of ‘life with 5 kids.’ I’m not going to lie…meatloaf kinda scares me. I’m just glad I didn’t watch any of that being made.  Danny is awesome like that.

I ended the night with Les Miserables with Megan while Danny stayed home with the kids. They ate dinner and played LOTR on PS3. Maria found a book she had misplaced and Alice lost her sleep mask. Charlotte took a bath and my parents came to visit. Jamie wore his very short dino pj’s and Alice’s boxer brief undies for bed and didn’t even flinch about it (apparently he thinks I would buy him purple and floral striped undies. His respect for me must be so low….). They all took baths, changed into jammies and headed down for bed. What did Danny and I do? We crawled in bed, too….which is where I am blogging from and where he is watching a movie. We need to rest because you never know….

…Olive could come any time.


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