The Hospital Bags

In less than 2 days, I’m 39 weeks pregnant. Well…according to my dates, I’m 40 weeks, 1 day. But according to the ultrasound (which is what the doctor goes by) I still have about a week to go. Maria came on her due date. Jamie came 10 days early. Alice came 9 days early. Charlotte came 2 days early. So, needless to say, I’m ready. But now I’m actually ready because today I packed both hospital bags completely. I’m not opening them again.

Olive’s Bag


First, my camera.  Obviously.  I love really cute first day photos.

Mustela wipes.  The hospital doesn’t give you wipes.  They give you these horrible things that you have to get wet.  Mustela smells delicious.

Hair bands.  Some may say that 5 headbands is overkill.  It is not overkill.  I packed 2 in case she doesn’t have much hair and 3 in case she has a ton.  I’m covering my bases.

2 pacifiers.  Just in case Olive likes them.  My others never did.

Hanna Andersson jammies.  Because, duh, my big kids have matching ones and will be coming to visit us all in matching jammies.  It’s what we do.  And it’s freaking adorable.

2 outfits….which, after this photo, I changed to 3.  Because I’d rather my babies wear their own clothes than the hospital clothes.

Receiving blanket.  This is Kicky Pants brand and is as soft as could be.

3 pairs of socks.  So those tiny piggies doen’t get cold.

Warm blanket.  To put over the receiving blanket.

Burp cloth.  I don’t know why.  I probably won’t use it.

Going home outfit on top of the diaper bag.  This is a Tea Collection outfit from Tara.  It’s so freaking adorable and one of the headbands matches it perfectly.  Bellamy knows her fashion.

On the other side of the bag is a little hat.  Because it’s freezing outside.  And also because sometimes, hats are as cute as headbands.

Finally, the bag.

Is this bag amazing?  Yes, it’s Petunia Pickle Bottom.  Ooooh, I love it.  My friend Amber and her husband John got it for me.  I’m serious, they just picked up a PPB diaper bag for me.  Is that ridiculously awesome or what?!

Okay, so here is my bag.



Sofia champagne cans.  Because after being pregnant for 9+ months, a girl and her husband need to celebrate.

For clothes, it is as follows:

– 2 pair of underwear (because they give you some throwaway kind for the first day)

– a bandeau bra to labor in (easy for nursing right after)

– 2 nursing sleep bras to wear for the days following

– 3 t-shirts

– 2 pairs of sweats

-3 pairs of socks

– makeup bag

– shampoo and brush

Okay, so why so many shirts?  I am staying 2 nights in the hospital.  Nope, I don’t want to go home ASAP.  In the hospital, there is this magical woman who comes to your room every 4 hours with a special pill that takes away pain.  The nurse.  The nurse also brings you food.  And water with the best ice in the entire world.  In the hospital, your big kids only come once a day, they aren’t knocking on your door non-stop asking for little cuties and milk and peanut butter spoons.  The days after birth, you need them away (I love them to death…but this is truth).  In the hospital, at night, you can send the baby to the nursery to sleep at night.  Then, when she cries to eat, they bring her in to you to nurse (our hospital is very pro-breastfeeding) and then when you’re done, they take her back to the nursery.  It’s awesome.  I’m not a mom who feels the need to be with my newborn every single second.  I know she is safe and well cared for and will be brought to me asap to nurse when needed.  During the day, of course I snuggle her all day long!  But not at night.  There will be time for that in the days to come.  A lot of time.

So there you have it.  Our bags are packed and I can’t think of one thing more I’d possibly need.  But please….if you can, let me know.


1 thought on “The Hospital Bags

  1. Francesca Taylor

    So exciting Ruthie! Thanks for the list and great ideas! One thing… Can you pack for me? You’re a pro! 🙂


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