A Special Request and Miss Olive’s Room

Let me start with a super fun and exciting request:


It’s from Sadie! EEEEK! I went over to Hailey’s tonight for a little housewarming get together/ engagement get together for Sadie and I’m greeted with this bottle of wine and the most adorable tag: “Will you be my bridesmaid?” Uhm….DUH! It’s September 7th at a winery in Walla Walla which I’ve never been to, but the other girls say is amazing. She’s so organized and has practically every piece planned and booked. I love it. I cannot wait because hanging out with this group of girls is pure fun. And Sadie? One of the nicest people in the entire universe, I’m not kidding. And hilarious.

Okay, on to Olive’s room. I packed my camera in my hospital bag, so these are all from my phone, but that’s okay because they’re okay pictures.

Here is her ‘reading’ corner.


For now, her bouncy chair is there, but I’m going to try and find a little rocking chair and maybe paint it pink or orange and put it in the corner along with a little run. To the right is a little table that used to be Danny’s grandma’s and on the bottom is where many of our board books are (which will be at crawling height for her) and on top are nesting owls and a little treasure ‘box’. To the left is a chalkboard that Megan gave to us and a little shelf to hold the chalk. She might be an artist, who knows?

We are going with a floor bed.


Yep, that’s just a mattress on the floor. No crib. I’ve done a LOT of research on this (which should not surprise you) and we want to try this out. She will sleep in our room with us for a while, and when she moves in to her own room, it’s set up so that she can wake up on her own and explore. There will be a simple baby gate at her door so she can’t be anywhere that isn’t baby proofed. She’ll be able to get out of bed (roll at first, then crawl) on her own, when she wakes up. I know that to tons of people this sounds so weird, but that’s okay. We’re giving it a try.

Her bedding is Land of Nod and the book shelf is from Amazon.

Above her head are 2 little square framed art pieces.


We really didn’t want her room to look too babyish. We’ve done that, and we were glad we did with those babies, but we wanted to switch it up for our own sanity. These are also from Land of Nod. They’re definitely for kids, but I don’t feel like they scream “baby room.”



This little clothesline is also from Land of Nod (they were having a sale, clearly). On either side (you can see it in the other photo) is a deer profile. For now, we’re hanging belly pictures on it because we have no pictures of the actual human Olive. Which I’m not happy about. But for now, this will do.

Clothes and things.


Whoops…blurry. But you get the picture. Her clothes (like onesies, pants, socks, hats, etc.) are stored in this little thing. On top are some paper suitcases I got from Shop Sweet Lulu last summer that are holding up more books — most are vintage kids books. LOVE.

So there is Olive’s room. Not uber exciting. But different. We’ll see how it works out.


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