This is my 296th post of 2012.  Also my last (because it’s NYE, you weirdos, not because I’m going to quit blogging.  Psh.)

2012 was pretty great.

– We found out we were expecting our 5th baby and I grew baby Olive for 9 months of this year.

– Alice started school at Children’s House.

– I became better friends with people I only kind of knew before 2012.

– I got an iPhone (seriously.)

– Charlotte started walking and talking and being hilarious.

– Maria turned 7 and Jamie turned 6 in 2012.

– We got chickens and those chickens started giving us eggs.  Even blue ones.

Some difficult things happened, too.

– my grandpa died.  after struggling for a really long time, he was done.  this was hard for us, but we were happy for him.  i could not imagine the struggle and pain he was going through, both physically and mentally and for him, his time had come and he was content with it.

– I had a few rough days/weeks when it came to stress and anxiety.  there were a few days when i called my mom more than once or twice, either almost in tears or having a near panic attack about some issue or another.  it made life really hard, but it passed and i knew it would…but waiting for it to is the hardest part.

– we put our house up for sale, only to watch NO ONE become interested…so we took it off the market (but ya know what?  you can’t always get what you want.  but if you try sometimes, you just might find, you get what you need).  with Olive on the way, this house we are in now fits us pretty well.  there are enough rooms for all of us, and plenty of space for the kids to play both inside and out.  Would we rather be on a farm somewhere?  Absolutely.  But it wasn’t happening for us in 2012 and we’re okay with it.

Overall, we are extremely happy and very blessed.  We are healthy and expecting (still…she’s taking her time), and I am fortunate enough to have a doctor who will help me with my anxiety and stress and help me find solutions when I feel like some things aren’t working (if you haven’t figured it out, this is an issue in my life).  I have a husband who is supportive and easy going and helpful and takes a VERY active role as daddy.  He’s adventurous and sweet and patient and that makes life good.

And for 2013, I want to:

– try to be more like Dan.  I want to let things roll right off my shoulders.  I get mad and worked up when people are idiots and do and say stupid things that hurt me or my friends.  I need to realize that it’s not worth it.  (this year, there have been way too many disappointments).

– read more.  Not US Weekly and Star.  I love reading and getting sucked into a great story, but this year, I found myself reading stupid things and that’s a waste.

– sew.  I have all the things I need to do it, I just need to sit myself down and do it.

– play more games with the kids.  They LOVE board games and so do I.  I always get myself thinking that it’s too messy and too much work, but it’s really not.

– spend more time with Dan.  Dinner out.  Watching movies.  Kids are pretty dang selfish and are horribly time consuming.  We get stuck in the routine of breakfast, lunch, diapers, dinner, bath, bed, repeat.  Sometimes, it’s really nice to just have a few hours of no-kid time, TOGETHER.  We can be a little selfish, too 😉

– take a family vacation.  I want to go on vacation.  Somewhere where the kids can run and play on the beach and all Dan and I have to do is hold baby Olive and sip tropical drinks.  And eat chips or something.  While sitting on the beach.  Does that sound lovely or what?

Happy New Year (almost) and I hope your 2013 is happy and healthy and full of everything you need.


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