Jamie is Six

He started like this:


TONS of dark, black hair. The most beautiful color of skin, and very quiet. 7lbs 14oz, born 10 days before his due date. I’ll save you from a 6 page birth story, but he came very quickly in the tiniest room imaginable at the hospital (the told me they use it normally to store stuff in). No pain stuff for me (it hadn’t worked) so I screamed and screamed, but then out he came. And he was so beautiful.

And at 8 months, he grew to this:


Chubby. Adorable. Super long hair worthy of bahama-style braids. Is he gorgeous or what? He nursed like a champ and was so easy-going it was ridiculous.

At 19 months, he sported dreadlocks.


By 2.5, he had his hair cut.


He adored Maria and Maria adored him. He potty trained himself (I’m serious, he just decided he was gonna do it). He had this thing he would do with people who he was especially fond of: he’d rub their fingernails or their earlobes. He was very serious and would growl like a baby dinosaur at people. But he was still adorable.


When he was 3, he love Thomas and trains and would build “round and rounds” all day. He preferred staying home with his sisters, but started school and met new friends, too. He was still very serious. I discovered how very literal he is, too, when he was about 3. He wasn’t a huge fan of jokes or pretend play and would much rather play alone or with Maria than with other kids.

And here he is at 4:


When he was 4, he started coming out of his shell a little bit. He started at a new school (Children’s House Montessori) and I think that launched his little personality. He started being more social and not quite as shy. He started moving from Thomas into other things like Phineus and Ferb and Mickey Mouse. We celebrated his birthday in Mexico and he had the best time.

At 5:


[he’s a beautiful boy, huh?]. This last year, Jamie has really changed. He’s grown up a lot and he’s a big kid. He laughs at silly jokes and isn’t as literal as he used to be. He “gets” playing pretend and has lots of friends.

And today, this amazing little human is 6. He is wonderful.

He is hilarious. He says some of the most ridiculously funny things that I text to all my friends (I’m sorry, friends, I know that’s horribly annoying). He’s very smart. He’s curious about everything: words, science, history, you name it. He loves school and brings it all home with him (yesterday, he put together a map of Africa (without borders for the pieces) in about 10 minutes. He also named all the continents, showed us which was which, and when Maria called a country Italy, she corrected her that it was Sweden. He was correct.). He loves to read and can almost read anything. He’s a super picky eater and basically just likes waffles and chicken and spaghetti and steak. Sometimes yogurt. It makes it hard to feed the little stinker. He loves riding his bike and playing with all his friends. He asks for playdates on a weekly basis and I love that he’s growing and making friends. But he is still very independent and is not one to do something just because other people are. He loves his friends, but doesn’t mind playing alone either. He adores his sisters and it doesnt’ phase him that he’ll be the only boy in a sea of girls. He talks baby talk to Charlotte and would do anything for her. He forgives at the drop of a hat and apologizes when he’s in the wrong.


This boy is six and we cannot imagine life without him. He makes our days fun and funny and beautiful. he’s sweet and loving and smart. He’s curious and kind and patient.

Oh, and he can draw a mean Star Wars battle.

Happy Birthday, James!


2 thoughts on “Jamie is Six

  1. Cenone

    Happy day to the best 6 yr old ever. His 8 month pic makes me laugh bc he had weird man/nubbin boobs and was such a chunk. Now he’s a twig! Love younJames Flynn!


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