Friday Favorites

After a very long hiatus, FF is back.

Razor Bike


This bike is awesome. Jamie got it from Santa this year, and we’ve all had fun with it. I think the weight limit is something like 220 lbs, so we’re all good to go. The wheels on the back are put on like shopping cart wheels, so they turn around when you turn the handle bars. So the back of the bike just spins and spins. Oh, it’s fun.

Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick Compact


Hailey got this for me for Christmas and I love it. It’s the perfect hint of shimmer and the color of the shimmer/blush is perfect. They aren’t always, let me tell you.

Martha Stewart Tissue Paper Sheets


These are awesome. I got my first set from Staples for $4.99 or something, but found even cuter ones at TJ Maxx for $2!! I was excited, obviously. They’re perfect for wrapping tiny boxes, or for filling treat bags or wrapping cookies or something like that.

Mason Jar Lids


Tara got these for me. I’ve been adding them to my shopping cart at Shop Sweet Lulu for months now, but haven’t purchased any because I don’t have an event to use them for yet — but I wanted them! But now…I have them. And I’m considering planning a spring fiesta centered around these. It’s not unlike me…

Serena and Lily Hanna Andersson Jammies


I love Serena and Lily, but when they team up with Hanna Andersson for an adorable line of jammies, I’m done. They are so adorable and sweet and I’m pretty sure Olive NEEDS a couple pair.

Frye Flats


Frye boots are the best boots ever. I’ve only every really thought of Frye as a boot brand, but Cheri P got me a pair of these flats for Christmas and I’ve discovered that they are a pretty decent flat brand, too. I like ’em.

Today, someone turns 6.  So expect a gushy post later.


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