In the Home Stretch…final party prep.

Jamie’s birthday party with his friends is tonight. And we’re ready!


The most fun and most important part of parties is, of course, the favors! We love putting together favors for our friends who are so sweet to come and bring gifts. We adore our friends more than anything in the world, so we try and make party favors as special as we can!

I got plastic bottles from Shop Sweet Lulu and they were perfect for our Jedi Cocoa. To the right, you can see just a bit of a t-shirt that every little Jedi is getting. Jedi ________. I’m not gonna lie, I’m dumb and thought the background would be transparent and only the white lettering would show. Which would have been awesome. But it’s dumb now, and the kids kids will all have Jedi sleep shirts after the party, haha. Oh, and then there are tattoos. Because what’s a favor bag without awful, impossible-to-remove tats?


Stickers — pack of 12 for, like, $2. Awesome. Target also had a $1 section in their Star Wars aisle and I snagged enough little card packs for Jamie’s guests (there are only 8 guests, which makes fun favors VERY doable). And Darth Vader masks — 4 for $2.


I heart Amazon. Even more, I heart Amazon Prime. I found these light sabers for $3 each — with free 2-day shipping. I didn’t need the 2 day shipping since I bought them in August, but whatever. Best bang for my buck EVER!!! I’m awful at finding good deals, so I was pleased.


Finally…the cookies. Okay, so maybe C3PO doesn’t quite look “right.” There are 3 children who are getting him. I spent about 2 hours decorating 18 cookies, I wasn’t throwing any of those rebel scums away.


So Jamie’s party is ready to go. Even the gifts are wrapped.


We’re in the final stretch of everything — Christmas, birthdays, party prep, and baby Olive. Dan and I decided that it was time to treat ourselves to some grown-up bedroom furniture. Read: not his high school furniture. While we were at it, we wanted to paint our room. When I picture bringing my babies home, I always want to just relax in my room, not worry about clutter or things that are dirty, broken, outdated, mismatched. Is that weird that I actually think of every single one of those details? I want to just lay in bed with my new baby and be perfectly content with everything around me. I get very anxious and stressed about things that probably don’t really matter. I also want to get things done ASAP once we’ve made a decision. So….we painted our room.


And got new furniture.


At first, I thought it was way too red. The color IS cherry cobbler…..

…but I love it now. It doesn’t hurt that Macy’s was having a ridiculous sale on bedding (like comforters) and on top of that I had a coupon for 20% off. Nope, didn’t hurt at all.

So switching gears, we are down one party. Last night, we invited several of our friends over to Sycamore St Grille for dinner. I had so much fun. I love having the group of close friends that I do. I didn’t have to plan some big entertainment. They came, we ate dinner and drank wine, and it wasn’t stressful or high maintenance or anything. It was fun and relaxing and I laughed a ton and we had amazing food. Sushi, shrimp crostini, lamb, mushroom fettucini, and croissant bread pudding.

I’ve mentioned it no less than 100 times on this little blog, but my friends are the best ever. No drama. I’m sure we each do things that makes the others roll their eyes, but nothing so big or important that it’s worth an argument.  I don’t think I’ve ever fought with any of them — they are hilarious and smart and so generous.

Look at what I’ve been spoiled with.

Cenone got me these (yup, definitely were my friday favorites one friday).


Along with other awesome things.  Hailey got me so much awesome stuff — but I didn’t have it out when I was taking pictures. A hilarious Ryan Gosling book that I can’t stop laughing at. A Craft-a-Day book, home-jarred pickled asparagus and jalapenos, makeup….so much stuff.

[mmm….candy and chocolates and Starbucks and all the things I love]


[oh, hey awesome packaged filled with things I would buy in a heartbeat…and not pictured is the most perfect fox sweater ever. No, not FOX the racing brand. Fox as in the furry red animal. omg I love it.]

I’m bragging. Totally bragging.

Tonight we have Jamie’s party, tomorrow we have Jamie and Danny’s family party. Sunday, we rest. Monday, Christmas Eve. Tuesday, Christmas. After that, Olive is free to come annnnnyyyyyyy day.


Happy Holidays!  And by ‘holidays’ I really mean Dan and Jamie’s birthday.  Big holidays, my friends.  Big, big holidays.


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