All Aboard!

….The Polar Express, that is.


One of my most favorite traditions/activities at CHMS (along with birthdays and the safari) is the Polar Express. It might be one of the most adorable things I have seen my kids do. They get to wear their jammies to school (don’t worry, I definitely changed them out of their ‘last night’s’ jams and put them in freshly laundered ones). They were both SO excited.

[we love Hanna Anderrson jammies]

This was Alice’s first year and the most excited I’ve seen her yet. She is 100% 3 year old. She gets excited over EVERYTHING and doesn’t stop smiling and hugging and talking. I love it. She can be a little stinker, but she makes up for it with everything else.

So the Polar Express started after the kids had done their work and cleaned up.


[I’m not kidding or exaggerating when I tell you this: one child actually used this duster and cleaned my belly. Like….came up to me and rubbed this duster all over Olive. It was hilarious.]

After everything was cleaned up, they sat in their circle.


Miss Megan explained how everything would work. The kids were SO good — they listened to all the rules ( 1) have imagination, 2) listen, and 3) follow directions) and were so excited to get started. Step one was laying down to sleep.



Then, one by one, Miss Megan woke the kids up and led them aboard the Polar Express.


They found a seat and settled in, waiting for the conductor to get the train moving.



What do you do aboard the Polar Express? YOU SING!


But sometimes, the train breaks down. Luckily, there were helpers to clear the ice from the wheels.


The looked out the windows and spotted polar bears (and fed them fish!), deer, Santa, wolves…whatever their tiny imaginations could see. It was pretty magical.

But soon it was time to get off the train…and ‘mind the gap’…


…and line up to get ready to see Santa.

[this is Jamie’s very best school friend…he adores her!]

A little helper elf got in the way, but I am in love with this picture of Jamie whispering to “Santa” what he wants to Christmas..


And Alice sat quietly begging to be chosen next…


And after everyone got a chance, they went back to have their snack.


My friends, this is proof of Jamie taking an actual bite of something other than popcorn, chicken, steak, spaghetti, fruit snacks, waffles, or toast:


And Alice? Well she’s always good for a snack…


Miss Megan even tried to help Jamie try his orange, but he claimed he was just so full and couldn’t eat another bite. He lies.


See how great The Polar Express day is? I love it. I love it because it’s so thoughtfully planned out. It’s so special and exciting and REAL to all the kids. It takes so much time and so much effort, but every second is worth it, Miss Megan. It really is.

This girl’s eyes sparkled the entire time.


She loved it. L-O-V-E-D it. She talked about it the entire ride home and even more. She told me she would have rather worn her princess pj’s, but she knows better than to fight Mama on that. I don’t mess around when it comes to themed pajama days. Princess jams have nothing to do with Christmas.

And now we’re on break. Which isn’t really a break. I mean, for me it isn’t. But I’m not going to complain because before I know it, Baby Olive will be here, making things chaotic and I’ll wish I had spent the last couple weeks just loving on my big babies…so that’s what we’re going to do. Probably hang out in sweats and watch TV a lot. Those 3Ds’s will be charged 24/7 and our board games are going to get put to good use. We’re going to decorate cookies and make ice cream for our friends.

We’ll be busy.


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