Sunday Picture Recap via instagram

I worked a little bit at the All Saints book fair — which means I did a little shopping. There was quite a section on Star Wars and when your brother is still going to school and has little money to buy his nieces and nephew Christmas gifts, you kinda just buy them for him.

He’s giving Jamie this.


Friday night was Ria’s Advent concert.


She looked adorable. She sang wonderfully. The program was too long.

We did some Spokane shopping.


Kara watched the kids on Saturday and Danny and I headed up to Spokane to finish our Christmas shopping. This baby is going to come early. I know she is. And now our shopping is done, plus some (like these sweet Nikes I scored).

Lots of work on Sunday with a little free skate…


Danny got a solid 30 minutes of skating in today…after he finished painting Olive’s room, cleaned our wood floors, vacuumed every inch of carpet, helped me plan and order a few things for our basement, and wrangled some naughty kids.

We’re exhausted. I know that every parent is exhausted because it’s really hard work having kids. But we are beyond exhausted. If Olive was born tomorrow, I’d feel horrible for her because she’d be seeing a lot of the nursery. I’d probably sleep the entire hospital stay. So these next few weeks are dedicated to doing things that don’t really take too much energy — hanging out with friends, painting (more) peg people (because it was an awesome idea to plan 25 peg people to paint), wrapping the rest of my Christmas present and making making baked Christmas goods with the kittens.

Happy Sunday!


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