Tuesday Top Tens

Top 10 Things That Are Pissing Me Off (lately)

10.  My Dogs.  What have they done that is so horrible lately?  They’ve chewed up diapers.  They’ve eaten rocks and puked them up.  They’ve eaten all our cat’s food.  They bark.

9.  Clarkston Starbucks Peeps.  Not all of them.  But a couple.  One girl calls me honey every time I go through.  I’m not her honey.  In fact, I’m her age or a couple years older.  Also, please don’t look at me with that scowl on your face and ask if I have any plans today.  I’m not telling you my plans, unless you really truly want to know that I’m going to get swabbed for Group B Strep, I’m painting tiny peg people and I might go to Costco.  You didn’t really care?  I didn’t think so.  The other guy gets mad when he forgets to put my whipped cream on my non-fat white chocolate mocha and I hand it back to him and remind him.  Drives me crazy.

8. Walking Dead is over until February.  No explanation needed.

7.  Fake crying and tantrums.

6. I can’t find my moccasins.

5. The land we wanted to buy is a no-go because the house is nowhere near worth what they’re asking.  Pissing me off.

4. My chickens are down to laying 1 egg a day. Boo.

3.  Elf on the Shelf

2. My aching ear

1. My basement.  So messy.  All the time.

Top 10 Things That Make My Day (lately)

10.  The millions of “I love you”‘s I get from Alice.

9. Charlotte leaves her hair ties in.

8. The fact that I’m almost 35 weeks pregnant and the end is in sight.

7. Jamie’s hilarious use of words.

6. Taco Time ranch.

5. Homeland episodes.

4. When Maria helps the kids.  Which is every day.  All the time.

3. Hilarious friends and their hilarious texts.

2. Blogs like Small Measure, Styleberry, Shop Sweet Lulu, Mommy Leerest and Wine and Beans.

1. The Christmas season.

Sometimes, friends, we have to get things out.  Written down, typed out, and made public for the world to see and only then do you feel better about it.  At least that’s how I feel.

Happy Tuesday 🙂


1 thought on “Tuesday Top Tens

  1. Danielle Bradshaw

    You poor thing ear aches are the worst. And really, it’s about time you said something “bad.” I was beginning to think that you were perfect. Love you! Get better soon.


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