Christmas Project #2

I love homemade gifts from the kids. But only certain kinds. Is that awful? I’ll answer for you. Yes, it’s awful. I should love every single (thousands of) zombie maps that come home (Alice loves drawing zombie maps…don’t ask), drawings of the same exact Star Wars battle, mama horse and baby horse drawings, tiny folded up pieces of paper with scissor-cut fringe on the outside and outlines of hands. Tons of them. My garbage is so full.

I probably should keep all of these, but there’s no way in hell I’m dedicating 17 of my drawers to the kids’ “gifts” they give me. But I do save some things. I save the things that I can tell they worked very hard on. When Jamie comes home with a 4 page book about a monster in a castle fighting the robots….I keep it. When Alice has drawn AND colored AND cut a creation, it goes in a special drawer. When Maria has taken the time to choose a different color for each subject in her drawings, it’s a keeper. Because usually the kids are lazy. They rush through things with only one color (or sometimes no color) then announce, when it’s time to get rid of it, that they made it especially for me. Sweet, sweet children.

This year for Christmas, I’m forcing the kids to take their time and slow down.


For Christmas this year, a select few (because, honestly, it would take us WEEKS to create art for everyone on our very special list) will be getting hand drawn and watercolored art (framed) by the little Prasil artists. The select few are named Papa, Lala, Grandma Cheri and Grandpa Gary. Make some wall space, you guys. (Oh, and these will be for Grandpa Gary since I’m pretty sure he doesn’t read the blog…so it won’t ruin his surprise).

We sat down and talked about what they wanted to draw. We talked about how we should draw the outline first, make sure it’s how we want it, then fill it in with watercolor. They thought for quite a while. I’m surprised Jamie didn’t go the Star Wars battle route. He must reserve that kind of art for me.



Jamie and Alice’s finished products?



Jamie told me he’s going to learn to not make stick figure people. He’s going to teach himself how to draw real people. He’s becoming more and more self conscious about what he creates. When he writes his letters, he gets very frustrated with his “g” and “k”s. He draws very slowly and precisely and wants things to look just right. They do. He doesn’t have to worry. Poor little bug.

Oh, and last night the kids wrote their Christmas lists to Santa.

[Star Wars books, A Lego City Set, Books, Ice Skates]


[Lego City Set, Baby, Books, Ice Skates. Duh.]

I better find some ice skates…


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