Weekend Recap

Danny left very early on Saturday morning (I think 4 something AM) so we’ve been trying to keep ourselves busy. When Daddy is gone, the days seem much longer than they really are.

On Saturday, we had the Pullman trip (see post below) and then this beauty came to visit us:

Baby Aubrey. Oh, and her beautiful brother, Brennan and her amazing mama, Leann.

Maria was in HEAVEN. Hours after they left, I was hearing, “Aubrey is SO cute, mom. SO, SO, SO cute.” Jamie wanted a chance to hold her, Alice wanted to hold her, and Charlotte wanted to pet her. I think Olive will be well taken care of.

We skipped the Clarkston Christmas parade, thank goodness, and just hung out and watched tv and movies.

Today started out very lazy. I woke up to the kids in the living room watching Disney Jr and eating bagels. I wandered out and we just hung out. Like the night before. Watched tv, cleaned up a bit, the usual. Alice played with her little figurines…


“Mama. The pig is sad because the princess is taking it back to the pet shop.”

She may have gotten “pet shop” confused with “slaughter house.” We love bacon.

At 2:30, Maria had a little singing performance thing at the hospital’s tree lighting ceremony. She looked (and sounded) adorable, as always.


Then we went to see Papa at his house (he’s finally home) and who were we very surprised to see? JIM! Jim lives in TN and we don’t see him very often. Jim rocks.


And finally, we headed home. But first we went to the store because we were out of eggs, milk, yogurt, and bread. The basics in our house. And then we went home to eat the dinner I slaved over.


McDonald’s, you guys. This is what happens when Dan leaves an 8.5 month pregnant wife home with 4 youngins. We eat McDonalds.

Happy Sunday!


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