A Trip to Pullman Shopko.


My dad went in to Pullman hospital on Wednesday to have a hip replacement. Because he’s old. Well the surgery went wonderfully (the picture of his gross hip is disgusting) but hours after recovery, there were a few snafus. Something about breathing? Blood pressure? Whatev. Anyway, he had to stay an extra day to make sure he would live (he did) and we decided to go visit him today.


And the 5 kids. And yes, I’m definitely counting Olive as one of the kids I have to haul around because lately, she’s the worst one of all. Ouch. I hurt.

So anyway, we pack up at 11:30. Tell the kids the usual: get jackets, shoes, a little toy or something and get in the car. I’m lucky that the kids are really good car kids. They don’t mind going for drives and they get along really well, so the trip up was nice. I turned the music up just a little too much so I didn’t have to listen to a thing behind me. Horrible.

But then I hear Jamie say something to Maria. And I heard, “….shoes.”

I turned the music way down and said, “What did you just say to Maria, Jamie??”

Jamie said, “Oh, no she heard. Mom. I didn’t bring shoes.”

Oooooh, bad movie Jamie. I was SO mad. Let’s just say that the morning had been less than pleasant. Dan is in Park City on a “man trip” (I promise I don’t call it that, but he does and I laugh every time) to ride with some friends, so I’m flying solo with the kids. It also just so happens that this is when Alice decides to be as sassy as possible, Olive starts really putting pressure on organs and body parts that I don’t want to talk about, and my anxiety is very high due to a cough and ear ache I have. So I told Jamie, “Well, looks like you can’t go in and see Papa.”

That was really mean of me because of course I wasn’t going to leave him in the car. And he really really wanted to see Papa (because it’d been, what, 3 days since he’d seen him?). He cried a bit then saw we had pulled into ShopKo. He asked why we were there and I told him I didn’t want to talk to him. I’m a really mature mom.

Maria told him we were probably going to get him shoes.



I looked at the selection of shoes and wanted to cry. The cheapest was on sale for $25.


Jamie didn’t need shoes at all. Well, he did, because I’m not a fan of hospital-caused staph infections…but he had a million pairs at home. I didn’t want to spend $25 on new shoes.

THANK GOD I looked to the left and saw that ShopKo also has Payless shoes.


$9.99. I was really crossing my fingers for a cherry $5.00 find but whatever.

“These are HOTTTTTT!!!!!’


Yep, Jamie. Totally hot.  And where exactly did you learn that?

[oh, what’s wrong with his face? Apparently he’s allergic to the sticky part of Band-Aids. Who knew?)

An hour after leaving our house, we arrived at the hospital.



They were pretty excited to see Papa and Lala.


And after eating all of his croutons, his roll, and drinking 3/4 of his soda, we decided maybe we should head down to the cafeteria and get some of our own food. I’m glad my mom was there because I was exhausted.

And once I think about it, it really was selfish of my dad to schedule this surgery when Danny was gonna be out of town…..right??????


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