Friday Favorites

Georgetown Cupcakes

I posted about these last week when my mom ordered them for Thanksgiving, but I don’t think I added them on my “Friday Favorites.”  If I did, oops.  Anyway, as far as cupcake frosting goes, these cupcakes have the best frosting I have ever tasted anywhere.  And I consider myself a cupcake connoisseur (you guys should have seen how I spelled that before spellcheck saved me).

Petunia Pickle Bottom Train Case


I love bags.  Specialized bags for certain things you need to carry around.  Like makeup.  Or maybe I’ll put things like little toys and art supplies in it for when we are on the go.  I’m not sure exactly what I’ll put in it, but I do know that I love this bag.
Zara Boots and Shirt
I scored these boots for a killer price on Black Friday and they just arrived yesterday.  You bet your boots I wore them today, because I’m totally like that.  What I didn’t wear is this fox shirt I also got.  I’m waiting until I’m not longer with child.
I told you I have a thing for foxes right now.  Weird.
PPB Layette


When I opened up this package for Miss Olive, I couldn’t believe that pants actually came that tiny.  I’ve had 4 kids, I have seen tiny pants.  But these are adorably small and cute.  I’m pretty sure they’ll fit her on day 1 which is definitely what I was going for.


Minted Party Decor


My favorite holiday card website has branched out and is now offering party decor.  I see some very special banners in my future…


The Small Object.


Is it weird to say that I love labels and stickers?  Because I do.  I love labels and stickers.  I saw this on a blog (ah, can’t remember which one now!) and knew I had to order it.  So I did.  When I know something, I know something, okay?  This is the cutest collection of labels ever.   Buy it on Amazon.

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