Christmas Project #1

I try really hard each year to find something unique, homemade, sentimental or creative to give to the kids for Christmas.  Lots of times, I fail miserably.  Like….their stuff sucks.

And it’s not like this year their gifts are amazing and awesome and it’s gonna be their favorite Christmas ever (why am I finding it so hard to find really fun stuff for them?!), but I’m pretty pleased with my ‘homemade’ gift this year.

Peg dolls.

It started last year when I gave my mom hand painted peg saints for Christmas. My mom likes Catholic stuff, and saints peg dolls seem to be a ‘thing’ (which I didn’t know until I searched for them on Etsy. Sure enough, there were maybe 10 different sellers selling saints peg dolls. Weird) so I made about 7 of them. It turns out that my kids love playing with them. Alice calls them “the guys” and packs them around, putting them in lines and circles and I’m pretty sure last week she arranged a battle among them.

So I thought that this year I’d make some for the kids.

Alice will get Disney Princesses, Jamie will get Star Wars for his birthday and a set of his Montessori class for Christmas, and Charlotte will get our family. I’m not sure yet what I’ll do for Ria.

Anyway, it started with me searching for examples online.


I found some that looked relatively easy, but were still super cute.

I ordered blank peg people from Amazon. I ordered a zillion of them because they are so freaking cheap. And I knew I’d screw up.


Alice’s are being painted first — princesses.

[new paint set. I love new sets]


They. Take. Forever.

I have to put a few coats of each color on, so it really does take forever.

I got 4 done in about 2.5 hours. But still have some hair to do on a few.
If anyone has any extra hours to give to me between now and Christmas, I’ll need them to get all these freaking peg people done!!!


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