ZA: Part IIX

……Zombie Apocalypse….my FICTIONAL story about how the Prasils would handle a Zombie Virus. To start from the beginning of this pretend tale, click on “ZA” in the categories tab at the right………


Patrick and I keep in pretty close contact so he knew exactly what I was thinking about the entire thing… that it was a very, very dangerous deal and at the first sign of anything out of order she should get out immediately. I knew I sounded like a strict teacher or a crazy parent, but I tend to freak out about things and I get really serious about them. And I don’t mean to toot my own horn but it’s a good thing I did in this case.

Okay, maybe I do mean to toot my own horn, because when he first sensed things were wrong, he ran out to the airport parking lot, jumped in his car, went and got gas and headed up the freeway. I told him to keep his phone plugged in and fill up on gas when he was half a tank empty. He hadn’t gotten a hold of my mom or dad yet and I knew they would be so worried.

I made a last ditch effort to get a hold of my mom and dad but ended up having to leave a voice mail instead. I knew they would get the message very soon so I actually wasn’t too worried. But I did try to call Josh and persuade him to drive over to Lewiston and come to the cabin with us. He wasn’t sure of their plan yet. He really didn’t want to have to travel that far in case something happened. I told him what to do with the flares and where the pickup spot was just in case he changed his mind.

We were completely packed up and the kids were in the car. We decided that having the dogs there would be good protection so we loaded them up as well as a bunch of their food. Finally, it was time to go.

And we left just-in-time. Looking down the street we saw three of our neighbors walking very slowly and very staggered. Their skin was bluish gray and they had open sores all over their faces. They looked very hungry…


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