Thanksgiving 2012

I love a good party.

Thursday was Thanksgiving and it was spectacular. Start with adorable kids.


How could it be anything but wonderful with those 4?

Oh, and this one:

[Olive is 33 weeks]

This year, like last, we hosted at our house. Cheri and Gary went down to LA to be with Caitlin, so they didn’t join us but we had a house full of 18 people. We were in charge of the turkey, the brussels sprouts gratin and the stuffing. We woke up and decided we were going to make the side dishes and stick them in the fridge so we didnt have to mess with them later in the day. Awesome idea.

Mushroom stuffing:


Danny buttering up the turkey:


Gloves. My best friend. Poultry makes me want to puke, but poultry juices??? I’m done.

After we prepped and assembled the side dishes, we headed to my parents house where Josh, Liisa, and Pat were (and the kids couldn’t hold their excitement any longer). I couldn’t hold my desire for a Georgetown Cupcake.


Do yourself and your friends a favor this holiday season and order some of these. They are so delicious. I had a red velvet on Wednesday night and yesterday I had a maple. *sigh*.

We played with the uncles for a bit then headed back home to get the house ready.




[little woodland friends…on sale at Pier 1]

[Albertson’s flowers in a milk bottle]


Maria gathered pinecones at my mom’s for that final touch.



We didn’t have enough silverware for the kids, so I dug out these Shop Sweet Lulu forks that I had purchased for Halloween. I love stuff like this.


Lulu was banned from the house. Sorry Lulu.

[I’m not entirely sure that we cleaned the windowsill before company arrived. I’m going to play it safe and say no….we definitely didn’t.]

The kids made these adorable turkey hats that Dawn sent home with Charlotte….my kids are spoiled rotten!


Oh, she also sent some fun little turkey paper dolls.


Dawn rocks.

The girls were so excited for the party.



They waited patiently for our guests to arrive.

[she “sneakeded the kitty in.”]

I set the last of the appetizers out as our guests started to arrive.


Each year, we have a turkey making contest. My mom supplies all the things one might need to construct a cookie/candy turkey and whoever makes the best (in the eyes of the judges or judge) wins.




Kara won with her Turkey eating berries. *ps, all the photos from here on out are black and white due to white balance issues….*


But the kids came in very close seconds…



[you can’t tell that is a storm trooper? whatev.]

Charlotte ate the ingredients. Duh.


Alice just….was Alice.


Then we kinda just hung out until the food was ready.


When we calculated cooking time, we didn’t really think about the fact that our things had been in the fridge chilling all day, so it might take a little longer. But that’s okay.

Around 6 ish, we sat down to eat.


Afterwards? Dad was sleepy. And Danny has a comfy lap. They’re bffs.


Charlotte thought they were hilarious.


We ate pie right before playing BINGO and Alice helped with the whipped cream.





I don’t think there’s a better topping for pie than homemade whipped cream. We had pumpkin pie, pumpkin cheesecake, chocolate pie and lemon pie. Quite an assortment.

But this all was just preparation for BINGO.

Thanksgiving BINGO is a big deal in the Stellmon family….and it might sound like I’m bragging because our BINGO games rock. And I totally am. Because check out these prizes that my mom had collected throughout the year:

various gift cards (I’m talking Starbucks, iTunes, Happy Day)
Philosophy gift sets
Star Wars pop up book
Toy Story figure set
3 bottles of yummy wine
comfy, soft throw blanket
movie tickets
gingerbread man decorating kit
sparkle gel pen set
art set
3 notebooks
Where’s Waldo books
set of Dover books (the cute sticker paper doll books)
cupcake stand
Wookie book (with awesome sound)
mystery $ envelopes (only one has $20, there is 1 $10, 1 $5 and 3 $1)
tiny cinderella doll set
holiday bag/box set

…my mom doesn’t mess around, clearly. She is awesome. Everyone plays BINGO and everyone loves it. Because, duh, the prizes couldn’t get any better.

See? I am a total bragger.

That’s what happens when you have a blog.

Oh, back to being thankful….

I’m so thankful we had such a happy, fun, relaxing, friendly, loving Thanksgiving. It’s the usual.

Black Friday? Internet shopping only.


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