Turkey Day Decor Prep

Yes, “decor prep.” Today, Alice and I spent the afternoon cutting, stacking, and sewing fabric into cute triangle banners, table runners, and a couple other random things. Usually, Charlotte joins us on Mondays, but today she was at Dawn’s so it was just Alice and me.


First, the banners. We cut 3 types of fabric: 2 into individual triangles and 1 into 2″ wide, 6″ long strips.





We attached them to a hemp cord which was really difficult because the hemp cord was pretty large so my thread kept getting all messed up.


Attempt #1:


Attempt #2 after I figured out how to get it to lay just right:


Lots better. Oh, and I have good news. I bought nail polish remover at the store today. Don’t you worry.

Then with the leftover fabric, I made a very thin table runner from 2 of the patterns of fabric.

[horribly crooked hem]

[sewing the panels together]

I’m not a seamstress, okay?

Alice got bored after 30 minutes.


But I kept chugging along and after 3 hours (many minutes of which were spent trying to correct my mistakes), I got it all done.


Wait, it needs something (aside from ironing).

Perfect, an Alice-made turkey.


And this cute little guy will be the head of the table (because one of the heads of the table is up against the wall):


Alice and I hurried to pick up the kids and when we got back, they cleaned the basement while I got out the china to get all ready for Thursday.




Then the kids made their way upstairs so we could work on our “I’m thankful for you because…” place cards. For everyone who comes to eat with us on Thanksgiving, we make one of these cards for them and each of the big kids finishes the sentence. I cannot believe how hard this was. Jamie’s favorite thing for every single person was, “Because you play games with us and swim with us.” Okay, Jamie, Great-Grandma has never swam with you. There was a lot of frustration, but we got them done. Oh, and mine? Take a look:


#1 – I didn’t buy the cat. It was given to us.
#2 – The first 2 are just so thankful for me because I buy them stuff? Really? I tried to totally steer them into a very loving and sappy direction…”what does Mama do for you everyday? What is something you love to do with me?” And this is what they came up with. Dear Lord….
#3….except for Alice who, apparently, can’t think of one thing about me for which she is thankful. Oh, sweet Alice…Whatever, you guys.  You can make your own lunches, drive yourselves all over town, and read your own damn stories!!!!!

I kid, I kid.

But after an hour of sitting at the dining room table, I was done and was desperate to just get them all finished, so I wrote it down. Mine is by far the lamest. Standard.

Maria worked very hard on the art for the front.






And what did Charlotte do during all of this?




She just hung out and looked cute.


Tomorrow is Maria’s Thanksgiving feast at school, Charlotte is at Dawn’s again, Alice and Jamie both have school, and me? Who knows. I love it.


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