ZA: Part VII

……Zombie Apocalypse….my FICTIONAL story about how the Prasils would handle a Zombie Virus.  To start from the beginning of this pretend tale, click on “ZA” in the categories tab at the right………


The day had flown by and it was starting to get dark — not the best time to start packing up a boat for an unknown number of days.  Or weeks.  Or months.  I really had no idea.  I was getting really nervous.  When I make a plan, I like to implement it asap.  I’ve always been like that.  If I know I’m going to have a Star Wars themed birthday for Jamie (whose birthday is in December) by June, then you can bet that I’ll have light sabers ordered by July.  Star Wars, zombies, same thing.

It was hard for me to put our plan on hold until morning, but obviously we had to do it.  I didn’t want to totally freak out the kids.  They’d been playing together all day, singing silly songs and being completely normal, so I wanted to keep it that way for as long as I could because our life was definitely not going to be normal come morning.

We closed our garage doors, moved the garbage bins down to the VERY end of our subdivision’s road (I don’t know why this made me feel better, but it did…I didn’t want to attract anything to our home), and locked every single door and window along with closing every single blind/curtain.  Looking in, our home was as dark as could be.  We ran the kids a bath and let them play while we went over what we were going to do in the morning.

#1) get the kids up, dressed, fed, and set up with a movie so we could go about our work.

#2) Dan would go get the boat while I packed up the rest of our personal things (like clothes, shoes, and very few toys for the kids).

#3) When he came back, we would pack the boat as full as we possibly could with our supplies.

Then I did something that I knew I had to do, but I felt horrible doing.  I called each of our doctors….and told them we needed prescriptions of things that we didn’t really need.  I told the kids’ doctor that they had all come down with a horrible cough that I just knew was a sinus infection and could we please have a prescription for amoxycillan for each of them.  I told my doctor that I lost my prescription for my daily medication and that I needed a refill…Dan called his doctor and begged for a zpack, saying he knew exactly what he had but didn’t want to come in.

It worked.  We had medication to take with us JUST IN CASE we got sick up at the cabin. I knew that if things got really, REALLY bad, Dan could take a trip down the river and grab things we absolutely needed, but I only wanted to do that if it was absolutely necessary.

I left some flares for my parents on our doorstep with a note instructing them to light them off, every 10 minutes, until we came across the river (and down a bit) to pick them up.  I also left texts for my close friends with instructions on how to get to the pick-up point and told them to do the same thing as my parents.  There was PLENTY of room for the few friends who were left without solid plans.

Then my phone rang.  Patrick wasn’t able to fly out of Monterey.  A plane had landed that had been infected and it was absolute chaos….


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