Christmas Jump Start

What?  3 posts in a matter of minutes?  On a Sunday?

I know, and not one of them has any adorable pictures of my kids.  I apologize because I know a solid 98% of you only read this to hear about the kids and see them, too.  Tomorrow, my faithful readers….tomorrow.


But tonight, I’m going to share with you a little thing I like to call….internet shopping.


Oh…this isn’t new?  Well this is the first year I’ve decided to do most of my Christmas shopping online.  I have Amazon Prime, people.  It makes it more fun.  My gifts for the kids also come already hidden in brown boxes.  My closet looks like a UPS warehouse, mostly because when I order things from Amazon, they ship when they become available, so even if it’s just a $5 item, it might come in its own brown box.  Whatev.

But do you know what isn’t easy?  Figuring out what Santa is bringing the kids.  THIS is not easy.  I once thought that I would never play that game with the kids.  That I would, from the start, just tell them that Mommy and Daddy were the ones who filled stockings and set out the “big ticket” items on Christmas morning.  But Maria got old enough and I just couldn’t do it.  Which is probably good because I’m pretty sure that would earn me the “Worst Mom in America” award.

So what exactly have I ordered for the kids?

Jamie is getting….well….we don’t know yet.  I literally haven’t purchased him ONE single Christmas gift except for this:

I know.  You’re probably thinking that it’s too babyish for him, but he adores Mo Willems, especially any book that stars Pigeon.  So that’s what we have so far.

His birthday is the 28th.  So inconvenient.

Maria?  We’re gonna go with a horse theme this year.  She’ll wake up to this under the tree:

It’s an American Girl horse — one her dolls can ride.  Along with the equestrian riding outfit.  She’ll love it.  She’s also getting a random assortment of horse books, some horse-themed lego sets and some drawing books with art supplies.

I think Santa is bringing Alice a PlayMobil set.  She loves PlayMobil.

Maybe add a little farm and some horses and pigs.  Done.

Charlotte?  She’s getting a baby doll from Santa.  With a baby carseat she can carry around.  She is currently in LOVE with baby dolls and, frankly, in a house full of girls you just can’t have too many.  She’ll love it.

If you have any really great ideas for my kids, send them my way.

No bratz.

No monster high.

We have enough Barbies to last us a lifetime.

No power rangers.

So, aside from that, if you have any great ideas, send them my way.


Tell me somethin' good.....

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