…Forty Five…

I love you because…


…you make it pretty easy to be pregnant and chase your brother and sisters around.

Being pregnant the 5th go around is exhausting.  Especially when your oldest is only 7.  I try really, REALLY hard not to complain about it because I know how incredibly lucky I am and I would hate…hate…to sound ungrateful.  But I am exhausted, physically, every single day.  But ya know what?  I haven’t been horribly sick.  I haven’t gained an ungodly number of pounds.  I don’t have gestational diabetes and my blood work and urine along with my heart rate and blood pressure are always perfect.  You’ve been a really easy baby to carry.  I mean, let’s be honest, it’s not your fault I have to run around after these little hellions.


Tell me somethin' good.....

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