Post-Vacation in the Prasil House

The first couple days post-vacation suck.

There is always so much laundry..


Ours, plus the kids (I told Ellen and Joel not to do their laundry).

And getting back into a routine, even if we were only gone 5 days, is hard. It’s hard to go from not chasing the kids around and being exhausted 24/7, sipping coffee by the ocean, and having enough time in the morning to actually do my hair and makeup to waking up early, getting kids ready, lunches made, and trying to keep my eyes open past 7:00pm.

Do you feel bad for me? I didn’t think so.

But do you feel bad that Dan has been gone to Portland since we got back? Okay, maybe you don’t so much. But it does suck, I’ll tell you that.

But today was slower than yesterday, thank goodness. Everyone but Charlotte was in school this afternoon, and Charlotte napped, so I had time to do some things.

I finished the book on the left (it was okay) and started the book on the right.


I made chore charts for the kids.



[on Alice’s, that is a shoe. And a cat. And a bed. And dishes. On Jamie’s….that’s a toothbrush and toothpaste. How on Earth do you draw a tube of toothpaste?! Clearly, I don’t know. And it stands for cleaning up after teeth brushing…not brushing his teeth.  We don’t consider routine hygiene a chore…..They will get 1 quarter for each chore they finish each day.]

I browsed toy catalogues because I have no clue what I’m buying the kittens for Christmas.


Still, I don’t know.

I vacuumed my heart out.


I ate popcorn for lunch.

[oh, hey creepy thumb and horrible nail polish]

And when the kids got home, they did some botany puzzles.



They also drew a little bit.


Princess Leia, a la Alice. The hair is hilarious.

They also ate some banana bread from this recipe.


yummm. Maybe it needs a little salt, but that’s nothing that salted butter can’t fix. But the kids didn’t notice an issue, so I didn’t let on about my butter secret.

I had a doctor’s appointment today, which went great. I have gained 1 lb this month, my blood pressure is 104/68 and my glucose test came back NEGATIVO. That’s Spanish for negative. Thank God, because that banana bread was good.

I still go every 2 weeks for 2 more appointments (I think) and then I switch to every week. It’s going by super fast. Olive is growing like crazy and it hurts my ribs. And my bladder. And Dan’s sick of listening to me whine — and, let me tell you, I can whine with the best of them.

But you already know that.

*****  I’d like to also say that I was posting all my vacation blog posts from my phone.  My phone has autocorrect.  I want you all to know that I realize that saints don’t have metals….they have medals.  And that lots of words were randomly capitalized.  I’m not that stupid, I want you all to know.  *****


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