Im back for another update.

After Dan skated, the skies started dropping rain like you wouldn’t believe. We took refuge in a Rip Curl store (bc I needed a swim suit) and much to our surprise, there were pro surfers signing free stuff!! The kids scored.


We slowly made our way back to Carmel and ate at the hotel restaurant. Wow. Amazing food!!

Dan had the tasting menu: zucchini blossom, lobster, duck w a cherry reduction and figs, and a grilled fruit dessert. Each course had a wine paired w it. I had Brussels sprout salad, sea bass and Parmesan potato gratin. Then I went with a caramel/peanut butter/chocolate dessert bar. The food was so amazing and the restaurant is top rated. Dan and I both think hailey would rock as the resident sommelier.





After dinner we hit up the hot tub. There is no picture. My top was beyond inappropriate. Which was perfect because when we got there there was a nice family with two young children ages 11 and 15. Yes, I was that trashy pregnant girl.

I’m pretty sure we both fell asleep by 10….and woke up at 9. Awesome.

So today we hit up the aquarium. Enjoy.








We walked down cannery row then stopped at crystal fish for lunch.



We had a couple hours to kill before our massage (yep, I totally talked Dan into a couples massage!) so we went to the mall where I needed to purchase foundation and under eye concealer (it’s bad…). So, I said “what the hell” and had her do the whole shebang. Holy heavy hand, batman…


I’m not going clubbing. My eyelashes feel fake and she put 3 solid layers of product on my face.


And now, I’m able to update because we’re at another skatepark. Dans a skater, what can I say?

So the massage we had was fantastic. It was at Vista Blue Spa inside the Monterey Plaza Hotel. The view from the sun deck was (of course) incredible. The massage itself was much needed.


(do we….me and olive….look relaxed??)

Then…get ready…we joined pat at a MIIS social hour. I don’t even know what to think.


I did, however, learn a lot about sustainability and how you can blend smoothies while riding a bike. I also got my picture taken with a movie star, Tim, whose hand rested very comfortably on olive….Tim plays Osama Bin Laden in the new movie coming out about seal team 6. Or maybe he is just a soldier in the movie. Either way, I made him get a picture with me.

To top off the night, we went to a bar called The Crown and Anchor for drinks.


We had a lot of fun and now, at 10:00, we’re ready to crash.


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