While Ellen and her husband, Joel, are at home dropping children off, picking them up, feeding them, cleaning up after them, and probably wiping kitchen counters every 10 minutes, Danny and I are down in California….Monterey and Carmel to be exact.

I was very very nervous about leaving the kids for four nights but now that we are down here and I am in close contact with Ellen, I realize that this is so good for us. The kids are in wonderful hands and Danny and I are finally able to just hang out the two of us. I woke up this morning… And get ready… I actually did my hair and put makeup on. Like, just to go out for the day.

I cannot tell you the last time I did that.

Last night we met up with Patrick and went down to the wharf where we ate dinner.


The boys each had sand dabs (what?!) and I had halibut. We walked around a bit the went back to check out pats apartment.

Then we went back to our hotel.

Oh, and we woke up to this:


We are staying at the Hyatt Highlands in Carmel. Each room has a gorgeous Oceanview. The rooms are very small but that doesn’t bother us at all. There is a wood-burning fireplace in the room and a little walking path from each room to the main lobby of the hotel. We had breakfast there this morning with a fantastic view of the ocean.


I had French toast and Danny had eggs Benedict. In case you’re wondering.

There is an outdoor heated pool and a hot tub and today my mission is to find a swimsuit so maybe we can take advantage of it this evening. And since we are on vacation and nobody will see the stretch marks ever again, I might go so far as to purchase a two piece. and since I will look hysterical, I will be sure to blog it.

After breakfast, we drove to the mission in Carmel. It was really cool. I found a lots of cool Catholic items in the gift shop of course that I couldn’t resist. You know things like Saints metals and Milagros and a couple things for Maria for her first communion. Then we walked outside and took the mission tour. Self guided.


Then Danny and I headed into downtown Carmel and did a little shopping. He picked up a really disgusting baby octopus salad…


So gross.

Now Danny is skating so I get to update my blog. I’m instagramming the &$&&@ out of this vacation.


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