ZA: Part VI

;……Zombie Apocalypse….my FICTIONAL story about how the Prasils would handle a Zombie Virus.  To start from the beginning of this pretend tale, click on “ZA” in the categories tab at the right………

It’s a good thing I only have a few friends, it made calling them (okay, let’s face it…texting them) a lot easier.


Cenone – Andy was out of town, but she had booked the first flight to Minnesota and they were going to meet there.

Hailey – She and her mom were going to their cabin.

Tara – She was waiting to see what her plan was going to be — but she knew she was making one. Christian was talking to some people he knew who had a remote cabin and lots of backup supplies.

Megan, Noah and Joe – They were going to load up their Honda and head to the Salmon River — take a boat (with family) way upriver.

Megan – She’d already left for Homedale after hearing reports of a deadly virus.

Okay, so my friends were set and I knew where they were going to be —- which made me feel a lot better. I knew we could meet up at some point.

As for the rest of my family, Josh and Patrick, it was harder to get a set plan out of them. Pat booked the first flight back home, but it wasn’t for 2 more days. I knew my parents would wait for him, but I also knew that with so many of us, we needed to get moving and just wait for them at our destination. Josh and his wife, Liisa, were going to just kinda wait things out — wait until the threat was a little more real, instead of just a rumor. And if it was, indeed, very real, they would go and rent a sail boat and sail out of Astoria. Because josh sails. Duh.

It sounds pathetic, but we’d seen enough movies to know that in a few short months, things would be different. Very, very different. Even if things weren’t exactly like they are in the movies (which I knew they wouldn’t be) I knew enough to be prepared. Being OVER prepared is much safer than not being prepared at all.

Dan and I knew exactly where we were going to go, the idea hitting us after we’d done all our preliminary prep. His dad has a cabin upriver, but on the other side…accessible only by boat. That’s where we were going. His mom and dad were on a cruise in Europe and his sister was with her husband’s family in N Carolina. It was empty (and had been for quite some time) and was the perfect place for us to go. Now we just had to get the boat out of storage, fueled up, and packed.

We had work to do.



Just so you all (*cough Shelley cough*) know…I don’t actually think the world is ending. Or that there is a zombie virus out there, ready to strike. I mean…I don’t think there is.


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