A Prasil Weekend and a Little Vacay Prep

I think the best part of this weekend was the fact that it marked the very END of soccer season.

Soccer season sucks. This is truth. Games in the cold, rain, and wind are not fun. Especially when your 7 year old only plays for 1/2 the game (which I’m not complaining about because it’d be silly for anyone to play the ENTIRE game). So an hour of standing in the cold and wind every Saturday along with 1 hour Thursday night practices is DONE! And she got a trophy to prove it.


She’s adorable.

That afternoon I also took some pictures for our friends the Kubiak Family — They looked awesome and the pictures are so cute!! Then Jamie accidentally dropped my camera down the stairs. The entire flight of stairs. It was very loud and very heavy and my lens is not working. Sweeeeeet.

So the rest of these are instagram pictures.

Saturday night was the Boys and Girls Club Auction. I have a love/hate relationship with this event. I really love hanging out with my friends, sans kids, and Danny. It’s one of the only times I wear full makeup. And usually I get a pretty dress. What I dislike about it? A lot of people use it as the place to see and be seen. So many people think they are such hot stuff, and this is the place and time they can show that off. There are so many middle aged women in prom-style dresses. So many nipples almost showing. So many heels that are so high, they make me nervous. So much drinking. Which leads to lots of fun things to watch. I’m really lucky that I have hilariously awesome friends and for us, it was just fun. We sat with Alicia and Tobe, Christian and Tara and Megan. I ate an amazing donut. I puked it up approx 4 hours later, but it was worth it.

Here we are before leaving:


I need to explain a couple things. #1….I need to master the picture taking pose. Clearly, I need to learn how to smile and how to tilt my head. #2…my legs. Holy crap. First of all, they are huge…how did they get so big? Secondly, I have horrific scars on them from a couple months ago when I had a couple things burned off of them. Apparently, applying neosporin and a bandaid for 2 weeks straight is NOT the way to get them to heal properly. Thirdly, I should have spray tanned.

I actually put on makeup, though.


Leann gave me a MAC Smoky Eye palette. I do not know how to apply smoky eye, so what did I do? I YouTubed it. Leann can do it 100x better than I can, but it was fine. Until Maria told me I looked like I was going out for Halloween. Naiiiillllled it.

Whatever, Maria.

We got home just before midnight and crashed. I woke up a couple hours later sick to my stomach. I’m pretty small…as in up and down, not width and depth….don’t worry, I’m not in dreamland. By this point in my pregnancies, things are really squished and there isn’t room for much. The second I eat just BARELY too much, I get super nauseous. It always comes back up. So my night kinda sucked, but we all slept in which made up for it. Even Charlotte, WITH the time change, didn’t wake up until 8:30 or so.

But then my day of prep began.

We leave Wednesday (very early) for Monterey. I am so nervous. Danny and I have NEVER gone on vacation as a married couple alone. Ever. 7.5 years and we’ve always vacationed with our kids. He’s gone alone for a long weekend, and I have gone with just one or 2 babies before, but never have we gone just the 2 of us.

I’m a little attached to my kids. I know all moms are, but I get super nervous and anxious and paranoid about leaving them. I miss them like crazy and I worry about what might happen to us or to them if we’re all apart. I’m with them all day, every day, so I don’t know any different. But….it’s going to be very good for Dan and I.

I definitely think it’s okay to get away from your kids for a while, don’t get me wrong!  I would never think parents were bad for taking a week or more off…and I’m always super jealous when they do!  I’m so jealous of my married friends who are able to do this without much worry — because I’d LOVE to not worry. But I finally got the guts to do it. We’re staying at a great hotel (I think….I’ve never been there, but the pictures look okay!) and plan on eating great food and doing fun things without running after rugrats.

But let me tell you….prepping for such a getaway is ridiculous.


Each pile is for a different child and each child has both a jammie pile and a 3-days-worth of clothes, underwear and socks pile. Do you know how much laundry I had to do just to get enough for these piles??

And this:


Their very detailed, organized-by-time schedule, in sheet protectors, in a 1/2″ binder. I love binders. There’s a page for each child and their individual daily schedule for the days we’re gone. There is also a driving (pick up/drop off) schedule. There is also a combined schedule that has every single thing in it organized by time. There is a sheet about meals (what my kids will eat and what they’re allowed to eat), their downtime (what they’re allowed to play, watch, and do), a sheet telling where everything is (like diapers, toothbrushes, clean towels, etc.) and one for just Ellen and Joel.

Ellen and Joel might have a touch of crazy in them. But I’m very lucky my kids are in such great hands. Charlotte, for one, absolutely ADORES “Miss Ellen.” She is the only one who Charlotte will go to and refuse to go to me afterwards. Ellen is also a teacher and “gets” kids. She’s smart and would never let them do anything inappropriate or dangerous or something that she knows I wouldn’t like. I know my kids will have a blast and be very safe.

And then on Friday night they are going to stay with my parents for 2 nights.  They keep talking about their “super fun, 2 day sleepover!!!”

I promise I’m not trying to talk myself into this being a good idea. I talked myself into that when we booked the trip. It’ll be fine….

And tonight, Miss Maria lost another tooth!


Her teeth crack me up! She is so happy that this tiny little tooth fell out. Dr. Wiggins said that if it hadn’t fallen out by the end of the year, he’d have to go in and pull it. It was completely behind that big front tooth and was causing some issues…I’m not sure what will happen when its replacement comes in, but I was told there will be LOTS of orthodontic work in Maria’s future. Poor thing.

Oh, and Jamie has been reading like crazy lately.


His favorite author is Mo Willems — he LOVES Pigeon and Gerald and Piggie and can read these books all by himself, which makes him very proud. He’s a smart little guy and I’m glad he hasn’t lost his curiousness….he loves figuring things out and learning how things work and that includes putting sentences together and figuring out how to say sentences (like questions and exclamations)…it’s a lot of fun.

Alice and Charlotte? They are running around crazy. I think shirtless. Because, “…it’s really hot, Mom.” It’s not hot. I caught her outside earlier in flip flops and polka dot underwear, I kid you not.

Good luck, Ellen.


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