Ah, Halloween

Yesterday was Halloween, but the night before was our party!


It was a lot of fun. There were lots of kids who came (Captain America, bumble bee, 2 Monster High girls, Darth Vader, a little lamb, kitty cat, skeleton knight,puppy dog, spy, fairy…so adorable) and lots of parents, too, which made it more fun for me! Oh, and quite a few of my friends came, which made it just THAT much better.

The food was pretty delicious, especially with the addition of vampire teeth (Alicia) and watermelon brains (Joe). Mmmmm.



I made cupcakes (straight from a William-Sonoma mix) and ham and cheese melts and mummy hot dogs and pumpkin seeds. There was fruit and donuts and juice boxes. And wine.



And thanks to my “balloon time” helium tank, I had adorable balloons, too.


I was exhausted at the end, but it was worth it. The kids had an absolute blast!

The next morning, we woke up at 8:00am. I’m not kidding. I swore a little bit then woke up Maria and told her she needed to rush like she’s never rushed before. In the bath, clothes on, backpack together, and eating breakfast in the car in 10 minutes. She’s a champ. So are the other kids who skedaddled, too.

But then we came back and I made them pumpkin pancakes.


Not my most creative moment.

We got dressed (Charlotte wore the CUTEST sushi onesie made by Juey! LOVED IT!!!) and took the kids to school.


[Olive was a pumpkin]

I took Charlotte up to Danny who is working really hard at setting up the Boys and Girls Club auction that is this weekend. I jetted down to Maria’s class to watch her adorable Halloween play she’s been working on the last couple weeks.



Then I went over to the cemetery to take Clay some balloons and flowers.


He would have been 28.

And after a busy afternoon of cleaning the house and getting the kids’ things ready for Trick-or-Treating, it was finally time to dress up.

I went the wholesome, I-would-never-scare-my-kids route.


Cute, huh? This doesn’t show the makeup very well but I was a gross zombie. A pregnant, gross zombie. Which is exactly how I felt oddly enough.

The kids were adorable, OF COURSE.


Princess Leia, Max (where the wild things are), Padme Amadala, and Annakin Skywalker. I love them.



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