Halloween Party Prep

Let’s start this party prep post off with a picture of the sweet little kitten, Charlotte.

Or maybe 2 pictures.



Yes, she’s adorable. Even moreso when she leaves her hair ties in. Today was the first day she didn’t cry when we pulled up to Dawn’s house. She must have finally realized that Dawn has better food, better toys, her house smells better than ours, and she has a friend her own size there. She’s smart.

I will be spending a lot of the day prepping for our Halloween party that is tonight. The kids LOVE the Halloween party. It’s another chance to wear their costumes, they get to eat trash, and their friends come over and run around like wild hyenas for 2 hours straight. This year, Alice is old enough to want to invite her own friends. Oh, how I wish we could have had every friend from each class over…but that would mean 40 kids….40 mummy hot dogs…and 40 goodie bags. Not to mention the fact that my house may not be standing at the end of it.

So, I told them they could each ask 4 friends. It was NOT easy for them to choose. We are lucky that we have so many great friends.

Top of the list? Noah (Jamie), Lydia (Maria) and Wyatt (Alice). Standard. Aside from these 3 (plus Charlie), we will see just how many kids show up. We’re all excited. Even Charlotte who has torn into so many kids’ goodie bags that I’ve taken away her privileges at least a dozen times. Which means nothing because she just squeals at me. Whatev.

We’ve hung adorable glittery, vintage, tiny Halloween signs…

[at $1.95 each, I couldn’t pass them up]

Maria made some homemade ghosts…


This gem of a creepy candle was used by my grandma when my mom was growing up…


Spooky gingerbread house…


Paper plate ghost…


I hope you all know about the helium shortage. I realize that hurricane Sandy is hitting the East Coast pretty hard, but do you all realize there is a HELIUM SHORTAGE???? This is also a tragedy. These adorable polka dot balloons and the accompanying 3ft round balloons aren’t all going to be filled up tonight. Yes, it’s true. Some will just be hanging limp.


Danny very sweetly went to Walmart and bought this…


…but considering each GIANT balloon is equal to at least 5 small ones, it’s not gonna cut it. Life is hard, my party going friends. Life. Is. Hard.

So I made myself feel better by covering clothespins in washi tape. Because, you know, I have an abundance of it after purchasing 76 rolls a few months ago….


I also assembled adorable goodie bags for each family.


[that’s blood dripping from their names, duh]

The prizes inside are lame. Bouncy ball, vampire teeth, bracelet, tattoo….the usual favor box stuff. But it doesn’t matter when the box is as cute as that. Right? That’s what I tell myself.

Our tiny friends (Bellamy, Bailey, Lilly and Anthony) are getting these:


Inside are toddler dipper crackers with jam, squeeze fruit thingys, juice bottles and yogurt melts. Thinking about it, I probably should have just gotten each of them a book and tied it up cutely because those are equally as lame as bouncy balls and vampire teeth. Whatev. (Second time I’ve used “whatev?”….)

Today I’ll be making vampire cupcakes, mummy hotdogs, ham and cheese croissant sandwiches, and arranging non-homemade things like powdered donuts, cookies, pomegranate seeds, milk and stuff on my plastic black tablecloths and twiddling my thumbs until guests arrive.

Happy Almost Halloween!


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