Friday Favorites

It’s Friday (thank God), the day of the week in which I showcase my favorite things.

 Slip On Pants and Afternoon Dress by Hatch Collection

slipon pant


In my 29-week pregnant state, there are very few things that look good on me. My belly is quite large and I’m really short. That makes for an odd-looking physique. I want this dress badly. I also want these pants because they look ridiculously comfortable.



Because pomegranates are delicious.

Photo Booths


The photo booth at the auction last weekend bombed and I have no idea why. I adore photobooths. I have about 10 strips of photobooth pictures from this last summer and last weekend alone: some with me and Danny, some with me and Ria, some with me and my best friends, some of just Ria who managed to sneak in…they are hilarious and silly and fun.

Oodles of Doodles.

oodles of doodles

$10. This keeps Maria and Jamie entertained for a very long time.

Maria Montessori Books

montessori books

Okay…so one thing to know about me. If I am interested in a subject, I will research it, buy a zillion books about it, try it out, etc. until I feel like I have a pretty good grasp on it. Danny is the same way. He does not have a hop farm, but I bet he could tell you exactly how to get one started. I do not own sheep and goats and horses, but I know what to do if one gets sick or how to properly shear a sheep. It’s a little exhausting and probably very annoying to some people, but whatev. My current interest? Montessori: its materials, theory, environment, and anything else that comes with Maria Montessori’s teachings.

Mini Boden baby socks

mini boden socks

My favorite, hands down. They stay on my babies like no other sock which is kinda weird because I can’t find anything special about the elastic band. They are also polka dotted which is the best bonus feature. Charlotte still wears her infant sized ones (she is freakishly small) and baby Olive will be getting her own little set, to.

Meyer’s Hand Soap


Megan gave me this and it’s almost gone. She gave it to me a couple weeks ago.

It smells SO fresh and clean, which is a must to me. I’m not a big fan of tropical-scented soaps because I never feel like they are actually CLEANING.

Joe’s Infant Jeggings


Hilariously awesome. Yes, I definitely purchased a pair for Charlotte and since I purchased them from Zulily (very cheaply), I picked up a twin pair for Bellamy, the forced friend. I’m forcing them to dress alike, too. Nightmare parent.

Ikea Children’s Bedding

ikea bedding

It is simple and cute and cheap.

“The Casual Vacancy” by JK Rowling

casual vacancy

I am loving this book so far. I’m not very far into it because I’m too busy doing things like cleaning the house, feeding 10,000 pets and watching DVR, but what I have read has been fantastic. A man dies suddenly, leaving an open spot on the Parish Council. This leads to gossip and stories and speculation at work, at church, at school….it’s very entertaining.

BlaBla Dolls


I have a thing for BlaBla dolls. We got our first for Maria when she was maybe 1, and since then, each child has received at least one for a gift for birthday or Christmas. I love them. For Olive, I think the kids will get her this adorable elephant, but with so many to choose from, I’m just not sure yet.

It’s hard having such difficult decisions to make….

Happy Friday!

Oh, and hop on over to and check out their featured party 🙂


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