ZA: Part III

……Zombie Apocalypse….my FICTIONAL story about how the Prasils would handle a Zombie Virus.  To start from the beginning of this pretend tale, click on “ZA” in the categories tab at the right………


There was blood all over Dan’s Mt. Dew shirt and his hands and arms were a dark red color.

“One got some of the chickens.”

I knew what “one” was.

“I think it was the guy from next door, but I couldn’t tell.  It’s no one now.”

He told me about how he got to the barn and heard the chickens going crazy.  They were locked in their coop, but he could see them being pulled through the fence by something, making the most horrific sound.  He grabbed the shovel from beside the coop and slowly made his way around to the other side and was greeted by someonething who looked like the stereotypical tv “zombie.”  Grey skin, peeling face, low groans….he immediately did exactly what he’d seen on Walking Dead a million times.  He went for the brain.

Anyway, he was back at the house.  He jumped in the shower while the kids and I got our shoes and coats on.  I loaded up the back of the truck with all of Dan’s empty gas cans.

I had a plan.


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