ZA, Part II

……Zombie Apocalypse….my FICTIONAL story about how the Prasils would handle a Zombie Virus.  To start from the beginning of this pretend tale, click on “ZA” in the categories tab at the right………….

The sound was horrible.  Zeek freaked out and his barking and whining turned into a non-stop howl.  I knew the virus was in the area, but didn’t know it was so close.  The closest report I had heard about (through the grapevine) was near Seattle.

The sound was coming from the culdesac behind our house and from our deck I could see the human figure, very slowly, walking from the red house down the field.  Thank God, away from us.  She was limping slightly, and aside from the blood seeping through her pant leg (now I could see why she was limping), she looked pretty normal.  Then she stopped and turned her head slightly toward us.  As quickly as I’ve ever moved, I got Zeek inside.  We stayed inside and watched her.  Her face was weird — hard to describe, but not exactly human.  She had a gray-ish tint to her skin, lifeless eyes, and sores surrounding her mouth and nose.  She lost interest in our direction and continued down the hill.

Dan got home very soon after, and the look on his face was something I’d never seen…..

(can you say cliffhanger?…..maybe not so much.  we’ll see.  maybe we’ll all get eaten, maybe we’ll escape.  you’ll find out.  I’m pretty sure my imaginary creative writing teacher is going to give me an A.)


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