The Prasil ZA Chronicles: Part I

#1) ZA stands for “Zombie Apocalypse,” clearly.

#2) Walking Dead started.  Sunday.  Sundays are now back to the best days of the week, ever.  Dexter, Homeland, Walking Dead….there is so much going on that it makes me giddy just thinking about Sundays.

#3) I think the Prasils would totally survive a ZA.  Not only would we survive, we’d thrive.  Yes, thrive.  I know some tricks.  So, basically, I’m going to pretend that I’m in a creative writing class and once in a while, I will be writing little blurbs about the Prasils in a ZA.  Enjoy.  Or skip over these posts…I don’t care.  I mean, I do, because I want my followers to go up so that someday I will reach 2,000 and will be worthy of actual vendor giveaways from actual companies who only give to popular people.  I think I’m at 36 followers.  Step it up.

Part I:

Our dogs were acting strange.  They’re always bark-y but this morning they were very anxious and wouldn’t stop whining.  Dan stayed home from work because we’d heard the rumors — we know lots of people who are in the know….big deal.  I usually don’t get worried about this kind of thing.  I was pregnant with Alice when the swine flu was a huge concern, and whooping cough is always kinda scary when you have little ones.   But I’ve always been just a little more careful about keeping my kids home when tons of other kids are sick and washing hands a lot.

But I knew this was different.  I had that feeling.  More importantly, the dogs had that feeling.  As stupid as they are, I know that when they are nervous or scared, I probably should be, too.  So we all stayed home.  The kids knew it was a Tuesday morning and that they should all be going to school so I lied and said it was a school break — the teachers had meetings.  This happens every once in a while, so I knew they’d believe me.

At 9:00, the secretary at Maria’s school called.  I told her Maria wasn’t feeling well and she told me that something must be going around because 27 kids were home sick from school today.  Yikes.  I, of course, patted myself on the back for keeping everyone home. I made breakfast (“made” is too nice of a word.  I poured cereal in bowls and then gave the kids a glass of milk.) then took a shower and got dressed.  Danny ran down to Cenone and Andy’s to grab the chickens and bring them back to our house.  We knew that might have been overkill a bit, but it also wouldn’t hurt.  And we do love eggs.

While Danny was gone, I heard it….


*** obviously, stay tuned *****


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