Friday Favorites

Here we are, another Friday. This week flew by!

Zara Home: Kids


What?? Is this real?? Yes, it most definitely is. You all know how much I love Zara and now that they have a kids’ home section, it’s like the world is now perfect. Well, pretty close. There are so many adorable things on that site. Now that I think about it, the world would be perfect if money grew on trees and I had 17 money trees growing in my backyard. Who needs world peace when you have money trees?

Wide Belts


To all of you who can pull off a skinny belt with a flowy dress or tunic, good for you. I can’t. In my very swollen state of pregnancy, a skinny belt would get lost under the mess that is my chest. Not lost like, “Oh, my eyes aren’t drawn to the belt,” but lost like, “I’m sure I put a belt on, but where did it go?” Literally lost. I got a few wide belts at Target and they’ve saved me and my fashion.

The League


It’s back. The League is back on Thursdays at 10:00 and I’m pretty dang stoked. It’s about a group of guys who play fantasy football. They are hilarious and so inappropriate.

Peter Pan

peter pan

After my grandpa died this summer, there were quite a few things in his home that no one wanted. Would any of you believe that a VHS player was one of them? It was. I made fun of my friend Sara last year for buying a VHS player, but I don’t know why because they are awesome. VHS tapes don’t skip. They don’t get scratched. They’re hard to lose because they are the size of a cat. Anyway, on to my point, we have Peter Pan on VHS and Jamie LOVES it. And that makes me happy.

Martha Stewart Halloween Decor


I could totally go on a Pinterest crafting rampage and whip up 10,000 halloween crafts that are only kinda cute. Or, I could go to JoAnn’s or Walmart and pick up some ready-made Martha Stewart decorations that are really cute and throw up them on the walls and fireplace and shelves. That’s what I did.

Farm Fresh Eggs


This isn’t my picture (it’s from a different blog) but I did a very similar comparison last week. The brown egg is a farm egg, duh, and look at the yolk. SO yellow/orange and rich. And even though we’ve gotten eggs for the last few weeks, it’s still exciting to run to the nesting box and find perfect brown eggs for us.

Walmart Plastic Character Cups


Okay, so this is a weird FF, but it’s real. These cups are barely over $1 and they are perfect for the kids. They are big and actually easy for them to hold and they stack perfectly so they can fit in our drawers at little-kid-arm’s reach. We have Phineaus and Ferb, Princess, Cars, Halloween, Snoopy, Toy Story, Star Wars, you name it. One of my smarter Walmart purchases.

Birdie Baby Boutique


My friend Tara turned me on to this headband person. A “headband person” is someone who makes headbands, fyi. Anyway, they’re adorable. And really well made.


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