W[th]WW and a quick update.

Today’s “What They Wore Wednesday” is really “What the Baby Girls Wore Wednesday” because I forgot to take a picture of Maria before she left for school, and the picture of Jamie didn’t load. Recap of them: Maria wore all black with a, “…splash of color with a flower bow.” (her words, not mine). Jamie wore a Star Wars shirt and grey pants. They both looked adorable.



Charlotte wore a Zara western shirt (Bellamy has a matching blue one, which I think makes it more special) and jeans. Her hair was free like the wind.



Alice played the part of a Crewcuts model today in Crewcuts “toothpick” jeans (thank God we sized up…because they are seriously toothpick-y), a Zara tank and the most adorable Crewcuts striped sweater that I want in my size in 3 different colors. If only they made Jcrew at Crewcut prices. *sigh*

But before that, they were ragamuffins. I woke up pretty dang late this morning. No, that’s kinda a lie. I woke up on time, but apparently my shower ran late, and so did my Facebooking and pinning. So by the time I looked at my clock, it was literally 7:55. It’s a good thing the kids had baths the night before, because I barely had time to get Maria dressed, hair done, homework in her backback, and packed in the car with a yogurt to eat on the way to school. The other kids? Still in their jammies. Me? sweats. Wet hair. We were an adorable bunch, let me tell you.

But then we got home and Jamie played with Legos…


…while the girls ran around crazy.


Oh, and did I mention Lulu?


Lulu is our new kitten.

I am definitely NOT a cat person. At all. But let me tell you that Lulu is the cutest, sweetest little thing. I got her from my friend Holly and the girls ADORE her.


See? I think Lulu loves them, too…


[“maybe if I swat this diapered creature just right, it’ll distract her enough so I can run away…]

She got away.

So Charlotte did some yoga.  (Hai, take notes)


And Alice showed off her beautiful toenails.  (Ellen, you’re good)


I’m lucky that the girls play together. Alice is SUCH a good mommy’s helper. I’m being serious, even though that sounds like the biggest lie ever. She talks in a very soft voice and thinks Charlotte is hilarious, and is very patient and sweet with her.




And when Alice jumps…


…Charlotte tries, too.




Yep, she nailed it.

Charlotte has been funny lately. She gets just a bit sassier every day, which doesn’t look too good for us, seeing as how she is pretty sassy already. She thinks she’s hilarious, and she’s right. She totally is.

She’s also just about as cute as any 1 year old could be.


Terrible hair and all.

What else is going on with us? Why has my blog been sucking? I’m freaking busy. I know, I know, everyone is busy. I believe this to be true — Cenone is busy saving lives and going on fun getaways, Tara is busy caring for a child and working and blogging, Hailey is busy running Tri-State Hospital, Megan is busy educating my children and hiking and being an awesome mom and step-mom, etc. I have very busy friends.

I’m busy helping with an auction and growing a baby. Both of which are taking up a lot of my energy. I’m done with the auction. Not really, but I want to be. It has taken up every single one of my free minutes. I’m pretty sure it’s taken up every single one of my parent’s free minutes, too (which I am beyond thankful for, because they are awesome and have saved my mental health). I’m ready to not hear my kids say, “Is that for the auction?” during every single phone call, email, or at the sight of any newer looking item I am holding. It’s apparently taking over their lives, too. Poor things.

And this baby is growing very well, and for that I am thankful. I know how lucky I am and I try SO hard not to take it for granted because this does not happen for everyone and I hate that that is the case. But I am exhausted. More than exhausted. I like to stay busy, because when I don’t, I worry about things and stress about things, and I’d rather be busy than anxious. But that’s hard right now because chasing after 4 kids, taking them to dance and violin and running around doing auction things really sucks when you have a nerve that is pinched in your back and you look and feel like an elderly penguin…yes, I waddle. I waddle and wince in pain and it’s embarrassing.  Oh, and nothing I wear looks cute.  Horrible problem, I know.  You all feel sorry for me.

Am I complaining? I really don’t mean to be, and I’m 1/2 kidding about it all. I chose to co-chair this auction and I chose to be busy and put my kids in all these activities, and I couldn’t be more thrilled to have Olive (soon).

I also chose to pressure Dan into booking a vacation to Monterey in early November to visit Patrick. I’m sneaky like that.  No kids for 4 nights?  Hanging out by the ocean and sipping cocktails juice? Bingo.  November 7th.  Ellen is staying with the kids, so say some prayers for her.  She’s obviously a little nuts.

So that was my Wednesday, in novel form.

In 2 weeks, my blog will be back to normal and maybe people will start reading it again. Maybe I’ll do a giveaway.  Like washi tape or something (I thought it was necessary to stock up when “Pick your Plum” had them for some crazy price like $.50/roll).

Stay tuned.

Oh, and come to the auction on Oct. 20th. Free admission. Yee-haw!


6 thoughts on “W[th]WW and a quick update.

  1. megan chavez anderson

    Thanks forbthe update and shout out… you are allowed to complain by the way and you’re hilarious.


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