In which I showcase the fashionistas who are my children. And fashionisto….fashionisto? Yep, Fashionisto.



Circo (Target) vest, J Crew Crewcuts Darwin shirt, Circo pants and Primigi boots.



Sprinkles for Sprouts headband, Zara shirt, Zara jeans and Frye Boots.



Tucker and Tate dress and Steve Madden boots.



Zara dress and Frye boots.



Pink and black striped shirt. Probably the most flattering print I could find for this ever-expanding 26 week belly.  I’ve always heard that….horizontal stripes are slimming…right?  Oops.

I know I’ve sucked lately. Yesterday, I spent ALL afternoon running around like crazy getting auction things done. We’re in the home stretch (thank GOD!!) and things are coming along. But yesterday, what may have taken one person 2 minutes to do, took me 45 minutes because she was busy with another task…but: I had to print sticker labels out. Well I had Charlotte with me, Charlotte who didn’t nap. I had to get the sticker paper. I had to go find a computer that had a printer attached (apparently the 3rd time is the charm) and working, print it out, find someone who knew how to load sticker paper in the copy machine, make copies of the labels. Done. After 45 minutes. But then I also had to stick those stickers on 90 envelopes (I enlisted the help of a coordinated 1st grader) and then staple each envelope to a memo that is going out to parents. Phew! But wait. I then had to distribute them to the students. But it wasn’t just dropping off a stack to each teacher. They went to specific kids (because some have siblings and we didn’t want to double up on families, ya know). So I had to find the kids’ cubbies and put them in, x7 (for each grade). All this with a very squirmy 7 month old on my hip, at my ankles, or wandering the halls.  ah!  I was so sweaty and exhausted by the end.

I am so thankful for Alicia for getting that memo out to parents, because without it we probably would make very little on the class baskets (which are amazing…Alicia has a GIFT!!!).

And today I am driving up to Spokane to see my little cousin (who I suppose isn’t really little anymore) who had back surgery. Yikes.

Happy Wednesday!!


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