Friday Favorites

My weekly post in which I showcase my favorite things I’ve used, seen, heard about, or covet this week.

The Rocker Napper

rocker napper

Charlotte slept in a pack n play for a few weeks in our room, then just joined us in bed. After that she went to her crib. Where she remains until she learns how to crawl out. But this baby will sleep in this (hopefully). It’s a bassinet but if you put the sides down and tilt it a bit, it turns into a bouncy seat. We’ll see how she likes it.

Polka Dot Balloons


Because polka dot balloons are just a little fancier than regular ones.

Parks and Rec

Parks and Rec

I love this show. It comes on right after The Office, so I get a solid hour of hilarity. Leslie Knope rocks.

Nature Baby for J. Crew

nature baby

When my babies are in the hospital, I dress them in my own clothes. I’d rather they look adorable in pictures, than look like every other newborn in the white onesies and sjrmc hat. I’m sorry if that sounds horrible. (acutally, I guess I”m not really). I ordered a little Nature Baby outfit for Olive to come home in from the hospital and it is adorably cute.



I couldn’t resist this adorable PB Kids Max costume from “Where the Wild Things Are” for Charlotte for Halloween. Yes, she will be an Ewok with the other kids (Star Wars themed, duh), but there are usually several occasions for dressing up around Halloween so we’ll switch it up a bit.



I’m not 100% sold on this. But I got the packet the other day (holy cow, it’s huge, and they mean business) and it won’t hurt anything to try it out. I love epidurals. I love that they completely take away any feeling from my hips down while squeezing out my little bundle of joy. But do you know that you have to sign a form saying that if you die it’s not their fault? That if you’re paralyzed, oops? This scares me, even though I know chances are incredibly slim. I also had the horrible luck last time of the anesthesiologist not being able to find the right spot the first time, so while in the middle of awful contractions, I had to sit perfectly still for a solid 20 minutes while they found that perfect spot in my back. Uncomfortable.

Holland Lop Bunnies


This is a picture of the exact bunny we are getting. There is a deposit on it already. In 3 weeks, “Obi-Won Kenobi” will be coming home with us. Is it not the cutest thing you’ve ever seen??

Charlotte in Giverny


I love this little book series! Our friend Stacey got this for Charlotte when she was born, then I found “Charlotte in London” a little later. They are a little too much to read to Charlotte now, but Maria loves them.

Blood Orange Sanpelligrino

blood orange


Dave Matthews Band Radio, XM43

This is a limited time thing, so we’re taking full advantage. It’s on in our car every minute and we love it. Even the kids, believe it or not. And it’s great because I think of Clay all day long when it’s on.


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