I love you because…

…you are so excited about your new Jazz/Hip Hop class and there isn’t an ounce of you that is a little apprehensive about being one of only a few boys in a class full of girls.

I love that about you.  You are your own person, and you like what you like.  You don’t mind if not every one of your friends is doing what you are doing.  If you like it and enjoy it, you are content.  You were THRILLED to get your new dance shoes and it never occurred to you that dance was a girl thing.  And I’m so glad, because it’s totally not.  Even if some of your friends laugh when you say you’re going to dance class, you don’t mind.  You just say, “Yeah!”  and go about your thing.  You might not end up being a famous dancer, and you might not be the most coordinated thing on Earth, but you do what makes you happy, and I am so proud of that.


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