Snippets of Happiness

I don’t always have my camera with me, but I’m pretty good about snapping pictures of just about everything with my phone camera. It might get annoying, but it’s important to me. I hate trying to remember just exactly which thing happened to which child. Or where we were when we saw that really cool thing. Or some of the every day mundane things that I know I will miss.

So I try and take a picture of everything. And most of the things I take pictures of are just little snippets of happiness sprinkled in my day.

Happiness is…

[being given one of my grandma’s tubes of lipstick and waiting all day to open it so I can smell her. And then not being able to resist putting some on, even though it’s super old AND a horrible shade of coral]


[picking enough strawberries from Papa and Lala’s garden to get an excited shriek from the girls]


[receiving a Zara package in the mail full of pretties for my babies]


[my kids having friends who they really, truly love]


[finding reminders of Jamie all over the place after he’s gone to school]


[old fashioned shoes paired with tights and an adorable dress on the prettiest one year old on earth]


[miss olive, growing bigger every day and kicking more and more. and having danny be just as excited about this little surprise as i am.]


[the look on Maria’s face when she is anywhere near horses…and knowing a horse is in our future]


[horribly written books that my kids just eat up and beg me to read over and over…and each time they smile and laugh through the entire thing]


[ice cream date with my big girl after school]


[super old children’s books from my mom’s childhood, my childhood, and given as gifts from friends]


[Jamie finding a new friend at school who he talks about long after we arrive home]


[our very first chicken egg…even if it was accidentally dropped]


[homemade corn chowder and finally getting back into a dinner routine]


[a beautiful 3 year old mermaid, riding her new bike with pedals]


And, more personally, happiness is going through an entire day, knowing you are okay.  Knowing that the bruises on your leg are normal and the twitch in your eye is just stress. Actually knowing  that lets me enjoy my kids 10x more, and that is happiness to me.  Because it’s definitely something I struggle with.

So happy Monday to all my friends!


4 thoughts on “Snippets of Happiness

  1. Liz

    just up late at night checking out random blogs…I haven’t checked out yours in a long time, and what do I see but the back of Sophia’s frizzy blonde head! She has been having a great time with Jamie too! and, wow, I can’t imagine finding a tube of my grandma’s lipstick!

  2. Megan

    True, true… Life is wonderful… no matter what… and no matter how much of it we get, we will always want more because it is so good.

  3. eprofitt

    Alice told me all about her new bike, (after the discussion on outer space and how the aliens don’t live on mars, they live on venus and jupiter and they speak like pigs and are very nice, oh and purplepinkred colored). And I love that she wore the mermaid alllll day- even though I told her I wouldn’t flip her around anymore because I was starting to get a rash from the sequins. I love your babies!


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