You’re probably looking at the title of this blog post and thinking, “Finally, she is doing a blog post devoted to Natalie Merchant and her 1995 hit solo.” Or maybe, “What? They went to Brazil and didn’t tell anyone?”

No. You’re welcome for it not being the former, and I wish it was the latter.

But it wasn’t. This weekend was the Nez Perce County Fair, the one and ONLY time we take the kids to a carnival. Because carnivals scare me and are pretty dirty. They also smell really, really bad.

The big girls and I went to church at 10:00 and decided to meet Danny, Jamie, Charlotte, and Megan and Noah up at the fair at 11:30. We were the first ones there, so we walked around a bit, waiting for our other friends to arrive.


Huckleberry Fizz. Huckleberry syrup, 7-up, whipped cream and berries.


I got 2 drinks and then the kids stole it from me.

We wandered into the poultry and bunny barn to see if we could spot our friends’ animals. Success!


That is Violet’s chicken. She has worked VERY hard on it all summer long, learning to handle her, feed her, and all about chickens in general.

We TRIED to find Bailey’s bunny, but I couldn’t remember where it was! We did see some cute little chicks though.


This bunny was pretty adorable, too.


Then we went back out by the carnival and were ready to head in.


[excited much?]

We went with the wristband option. Unlimited rides.



Do you know how much 4 wristbands set the Prasils back?


$80!!!! I couldn’t believe we were spending $80 on that place. Now I really appreciate my grandparents for taking the 3 of us and my 2 little cousins EVERY year!!! Yikes.

[“Impetigo and other infectious diseases on 3…..1, 2, 3…..”]

Poor Miss Charlotte was stuck in the stroller the entire time, but she was pretty good about it.


She and her thumb get along fine.


1st stop: the dragon ride. My kids have been talking about this since last year. It’s the first real “roller coaster” they’ve been on and they think it is so cool and so scary.

[twin day??]


[look at Alice’s face…]


They loved it.


Danny and Megan then took the big kids on a scary ride while the baby girls and I stayed back.


Alice saw the big slide and thought maybe she’d give it a go.

Up she went…


…and, just as quickly, down she came.


“I was too scared of that.” She did go on it later, though.

Meanwhile, on the puke machine:



Ew. That makes me wanna puke. But it made Charlotte laugh.


Guess who we ran into after that?



Hannah and Trace!! (and Bucky and Hallie). I love this family. Rachel is awesome and her kids are hilarious. Everyone was excited to see everyone else, and we joined them for some rides.


But by 1:30, we were hungry.

[“I’ll go ahead and take a turkey leg.”]

Mmmmm, elephant ears.


Danny and Charlotte ditched us (a baby can only take so much carnival air) for the last 1/2 hour of ride time. But who did I see on the way back in?….

Nanny!!! On a hot date with Grandpa.


Nanny is a laugh riot. If I could carry her around in my pocket and talk to her all day, I totally would. She wasn’t sure about the fair and she wasn’t sure about the funnel cake because it just wasn’t like it used to be. So when Grandpa brought one back for her, I about died laughing at her reaction:


Love her.

Our final ride was the dragon, but a bit before that….the tilt-a-whirl.




The entry sign said “No Pregnant Riders,” darnit…..

And by 3 something, we were done. Out of there.

Next year, Charlotte will be old enough to want to go on everything, but small enough to not be able to. I think maybe Mama and the tiny kittens will sit the carnival out next year…but Megan and Danny can go ahead and still go.

Happy weekend!


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