Friday Favorites

Disclaimer:  I’ve been busy the last couple weeks, so this FF is a little lame.



White House Custom Color is the online lab that I used when I had my business license and was taking sessions and what not. I still use it for my personal prints and projects because their prints are beautiful, they ship super fast, and for professional prints, they are SO affordable.

The Office


It’s back, and thank god. My Thursdays just got so much better.

Dried Mealworms


Eww. These gross little worms are like candy to our chickens. They LOVE ’em. I can put some in my hand and they will ‘bok bok’ on over to me and eat them out of my hand…but I usually drop them on the ground first because chicken beaks are not gentle.

Kicky Pants


Kicky Pants might make the softest jammies for infants I have ever purchased. And I’ve purchased a lot of jammies for infants. Charlotte is currently wearing a 2 piece lounge set that was handed down from Alice, handed down from Maria. I couldn’t bear to get rid of it, because if I was 20 lbs, that’s what I’d want to wear.

Re-Painted Vintage High Chairs

high chair

To be more specific, MY repainted high chair. It looks identical to the one pictured (which I found on Google), paint and all. It could not be more adorable and will look so much cuter than our huge jungle print high chair we have now. gag.

Cookin’ Mama


Cookin’ Mama for 3ds is so fun. I’ve earned gold coins in crepes, corn dogs, mushroom soup, and gourmet popcorn and if you think that’s easy, think again, friends. It’s not. It took me several tries to get cold-coin status. Check it.


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