Funky Finds


Today was the event: Funky Finds. Amber and I have worked for months on this event, and I’m so glad it was a success! Amber is amazing. She was the ONLY contact with The Grange, put up the sign (above)…TWICE…and was there super bright and early today setting up. She and her dad also hammered in fence posts so we could block off the area. She worked REALLY hard, and might be the easiest person I’ve ever worked with on an event.

I spent the last week making goodies and packaging them up for Maria to sell at her stand.

[pastry pockets packaged in the most adorable Shop Sweet Lulu bags and doilies and twine]

[hot cocoa mix]


[thanks to Andy and Cenone]


[salted caramels, handmade and handrolled by yours truly. worst job ever.]


I told Maria to think really hard about who she wanted to give the money to.  She told me she wanted to give it to people who would help other people.  I love that girl.  So I gave her some ideas and choices.  Snake River Community Clinic?  She thought that sounded like a really great place, but she wasn’t sure.  Animal Shelter?  She loves animals, but no.  Then I told her about Laynie and how her mama died of breast cancer and that after she died, Laynie worked really hard to help other mamas in our area who were sick like hers.  Bingo.  She loved that idea.  Probably because she loves Laynie so much.  But the whole time at the event, she’d yell, “HELP MAKE A DIFFERENCE!  STOP CANCER!  AND BUY OUR STUFF!!!”  She didn’t quite get what Laynie’s organization does, but she knew she wanted to help.  Love it.

Hollie worked just as hard as both Amber and I did today. Actually, she worked MUCH harder than I did!! I think she might have taken a 10 minute break to walk around, but other than that, she was at the entrance desk…STANDING…taking money. She’s awesome.


Amber’s stuff was to die for. I loved everything.



[a set of 4 of these are going to be in the auction!!!]



[I meant to buy this globe for Jamie and forgot!!]


There were inside booths, too.

Megan had a booth and I was pretty much in LOVE with her kids’ stuff. Especially the books.


I should have pounced on them when I had the chance because a certain Rachel bought the children’s garden of verses book….but I snagged the other cute ones. This new baby of mine needs, literally, nothing. So with some inspiration from Megan, I’ve decided to start collecting old vintage children’s books and Golden Books for her. I started when she and I went to Farm Chicks earlier this year and have collected them since.

Taunia had a HUGE booth FULL of great kids stuff. I scored the most adorable pair of brown baby shoes and a super cute headband for the new little kitten.

This trike is pretty sweet, too.


There was a woman who sold goat’s milk soaps, too. She was so generous and donated 6 bars to the auction. I love people like that — amazing. I bought some for myself (well actually as gifts) because they’re perfect. The scent is not overwhelming in the least, but just a perfect little hint.


Amanda (my mom’s next door neighbor, my friend, and Jamie’s playschool teacher) HAND STITCHED these tea towels.


I needed some of course. How cute are they???

She also made delicious soup and homemade jelly. Mmmmmm.


The tiniest of guests approved, I believe.


[Yep, Nora is 10x more put together than Charlotte. She doesn’t have a sticky sucker and she actually LEAVES hair accessories in her hair. We’re jealous of you, Nora. Jealous.]

By 5:00pm, I had the dirtiest kids known to man.



But they are still pretty adorable.


[I’m not trying to claim Noah as my own, I promise. But he is just as cute as my kittens, that’s for sure.]

Our first year was a success.


I think our vendors, as a whole were successful.

What would I change?

– change the time to maybe a little earlier (9:00?) and end a little earlier (3:00?)
– remember to offer drinks in more places (Amber was the only one who thought to bring drinks to sell! See? On top of things she is)
– location. I would change location. There were several snafus that occurred in just this last week. We were told we COULDN’T set up the night before as we’d been promised. Amber had to take down the sign she was told to put up, then told to put it up again 2 days later. We had to move ALL the chairs, tables, etc. ourselves to get the inside ready. We didn’t rent the downstairs, but people and children were directed to go down there (not by us, by the director of the Grange) to play and hang out, then we were told we had to clean it up. I’d be willing to pay a little bit more for something easier to work with.

But overall, it was great. Thank you, Amber, for being so great to work with! Zach and Hollie, you guys rock. Danny grilled when the rest of our food vendors completely fell through and he rented tables and hauled truck load after truck load for me. He’s the best.

Start buying your treasures now for Funky Finds 2013.


1 thought on “Funky Finds

  1. Megan

    It truly was fun and everything looked awesome… I am inspired for next year and hope to be a little more on top of things. Thank you for inviting me!


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