I’m not lying, I promise I’m not lying that this is what they wore yesterday. But I guess you’d never know unless you saw them because I MISSED yesterday’s post. Patrick very politely commented to me on Facebook:

“So… did you just not dress your children in anything yesterday or what?”

Yes. They were dressed. All but one looked adorable. Charlotte seriously is in a funk. For a 1 year old, she certainly hasn’t been very fashion lately. It’s a really good thing she’s the cutest 1-year-old on the planet.




Nordstrom top, Joe’s jeans, saltwater sandals, and her brand new tulle backpack from crewcuts. How adorable is that bag??



Lilo top, Tea Collection leggings and adorable brown boots from Zappos. I also curled her hair yesterday because she wanted to look like a princess. On the 2nd day? It doesn’t really look like a princess.



Peek Kids shirt, Gap pants.



6-12 month Mini Boden overalls and a 3-6 month shirt. The overalls are really the only part that is slightly too small (hence the inch of leg showing) but the ridiculous part of this outfit is that it matches….zero. Like not even if you squint your eyes. I’m sorry, Charlotte, you deserve so much more.  And that hair.  *sigh* that hair.

She’s also refusing to look at me. She was on fire yesterday, let me tell you.

So what did I spend my entire Wednesday doing that made me too busy to put up a blog post? Let me show you.

I made caramels.



They did not set up like they should have so I made another (really delicious) batch today.

I made marshmallows (or, as they will be sold on Saturday, “Maria’s Mallows: a party in a bag”).




We sprinkled the top with colorful sprinkles, because that’s just who Maria is. And doesn’t it scream, “Party!!!”? Yes, it does. They’re packaged adorably in mini bakery treat bags.

I made granola.


It looks a lot crunchier than a) it should and b) it did last time I made it. But it’s the exact same recipe. I don’t know. It tastes okay, but I think we should call it something different! Maybe we’ll throw some m&ms in there and make it a trail mix type product.

All this is for Maria’s homegrown and homemade stand at this weekend’s Funky Finds show. She is selling with her friend Payton and has been planning it for a solid 2 weeks.

I also have the world’s best husband because not only did he round up tables after we were told we only had 3 to work with (seriously???) he also agreed to come and bbq kebobs and make butter rice as a food vendor and fundraiser for the skatepark when our food vendors let us know that they weren’t really selling lunch food.

He’s really the best.

My kids are pretty much the best, too. I’ve been busy. My mind is always on the auction or the Funky Finds. We have to run errand after errand to either drop off or pick up something for the auction. I’m always on my phone or computer emailing 10 different people about meetings, donations, committees, etc. I’d be very surprised if I wasn’t snappier than usual, or if I had less patience for them…which makes me sad because they are the last people I want to be short with! But they’ve been so great.


The big kids help with the little kids and this week with NO tv or ds privileges has gone 100x better than I could have ever imagined. They’ve played with each other and built tons of things out of Legos, logged miles on their bikes (and scooters) and picked up toy after toy after toy when it’s time to get things put away.

The best.


2 thoughts on “W[th]WW

  1. Katelyn


    I believe it was you who left that really sweet comment. Thank you! I have been wanting to purchase that book for a couple months now! You know me soooo well!!


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