Funky Finds

Before anything else, let’s take a look at Alice.

Alice, at 11:00am, was already a mess. I promise that at 9:00 her hair was actually brushed straight, her face was clean, and there was not a spot of dirt on her clothes.



She’s adorable.

Okay, now on to the topic of the post. Funky Finds.


My friend Amber collects cool vintage and antique things and wanted to do a show here in the valley. She asked if I wanted to help, and I said of course! It’s this weekend, and planning is coming along very smoothly.

We have 21 vendors, super cute decorations, awesome entertainment and I spent all morning making these:


Vendor badges.

I know, I could have just gone to Staples and gotten the sticker-backed name tags and written “VENDOR” on the front. But these are 10x cuter. And aesthetics matter for something like this.

I machine stitched the bottom ribbon, but hot glued the rest because it saved me approximately 4 hours.


Our “colors” for the event are red and aqua. I like a color scheme.

I’ve also made 65,003 feet of fabric scrap banners.



I cut rectangles out of fat quarters and then fold the top 1/2 inch over the ribbon and stitch it.


They look pretty dang cute.

Maria will have a produce/homemade yummies stand. I made an aqua and red table cloth for her and today and tomorrow we’ll be making:

– granola
– marshmallows
– breadsticks (we’ll serve with marinara)
– jam-filled pastry pockets

With an adorable face like hers, I’m expecting her to sell out in 10 minutes.


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